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Dojo, The

The Dojo.

First Appearance: "Shock of the New."

Details: The dojo was a simulation generator, where the members of Mutant X could practice sparring techniques with computer-generated images. The dojo also had a mutant-proof protective shield which could be activated to contain prisoners like Barry Sterling in "Kilohertz"--including the members of Mutant X ("Altered Ego," "Presumed Guilty"). The dojo was accessible from Jesse's computer. Sadly, the dojo disappeared in the second season.

Adam's thoughts from Mutant X Lives: The Sanctuary’s most essential piece of training equipment is also its most controversial. The Dojo is a holographic unit that can be used on a number of levels. It can induce exact images of any battle situation, replicating environments to deceive every sense. It can serve as a meditation aid, blocking out all surrounding distractions. Finally, it can be used as a defensive weapon manipulating a foe or intruder to our headquarters. I have been criticized for employing this instrument. I’ve even been accused of using it to brainwash Mutant X. It’s said I use the Dojo to create compliant drones. This is nonsense. The illusions fashioned in the matrix draw out latent imagination and resources that build inner strength. If anything, it balances a reality that has always been stark and cruel to my team. The Dojo is about confidence and ultimate tranquility. Not about deception. At least it is in my hands. Eckhart and Genomex would bend it to darker applications I have no doubt. Erected from my own designs by a gifted engineer who owed me a favor, the Dojo is the heart of Stormking Mountain. Mutant X has many fronts to fight and doors to unlock. Using the Dojo gives us the key.

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