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Dominion, The

The Dominion.

First Appearance: "Into the Moonless Night." First named in "The Hand of God."

Details: Founded in the 1800's by the ancient geneticist, The Creator, The Dominion was the powerful shadowy organization which aimed to control the distribution of worldwide technological advances--especially in the field of genetics. Former Mutant X 1.0 member Lexa Pierce became a Dominion operative when they promised to help her in her search for her twin brother Leo. Several years later, Adam Kane became suspicious that corrupt members of the Dominion Council were counteracting Mutant X's actions. Fearing for his life, he faked his own death and then worked back channels at The Dominion to have Lexa implanted with Mutant X, attempting to monitor the inner workings of The Dominion. When her employers ordered her to bring Jesse Kilmartin in for examination of his genetic structure, Lexa led Mutant X in an attack against The Dominion's headquarters with the aid of her unnamed Dominion Contact. Adam was captured by The Creator, but managed to explode the Double Helix overhead, thus destroying the building.

Known Dominion Employees:

Dominion council head
Lexa's Dominion contact
Geneticist Dominique
Casino owner Kristen Greg
Entymologist Dr. Bellows
Scientist Keith Burstyn
Dominion council member Anthony Gervais
Dominion council member Miranda Dennis
Assassins The Fixers
Physician Dr. Olivia Robinson
Physician Dr. Denise Saunders
Dominion Operative Tony LaPorta

Exterior: External view
Interior: The Creator's back laboratory | Prisoner holding cells | Torture room

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