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Double Vision

Mutant X Episode Synopses

Double Vision: Episode #112.

Tag: Emma is split in two by a synergetic energy blast. [Transcript]

Cast & Crew: Written by Darrell Fetty; Directed by Jon Cassar
Kedar Brown....Axel
Domenic Cina....Pablo
Andrew Gillies....Dr. Kenneth Harrison
Joanne Vannicola....Matty Conlan

Official Synopsis: Brennan (Victor Webster) is conned by his friend, Matty Conlan (Joanne Vannicola), who lures him and Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) into the hands of GSA agents. In the ensuing brawl, Emma is suddenly split in two by a synergetic energy blast caused by the collision of two powerful energy sources. Unaware that there are now two Emmas, Brennan escapes with Emma A to the Sanctuary lab, while Conlan and Emma B are captured by the GSA agents and taken back to Genomex. At Sanctuary, Adam (John Shea) performs tests indicating that Emma's molecular makeup was somehow altered by the attack, explaining why her personality has clearly changed. Meanwhile, Brennan looks for clues into Conlan's uncharacteristic betrayal and her newly developed powers. At Genomex, Emma B learns that Conlan defected to the GSA in exchange for Eckhart's promises of a better life. Conlan has also fulfilled her promise to deliver a member of the Mutant X team, but now has serious qualms about her decision to join ranks with the evil Eckhart (Tom McCamus), and sneaks off to her hideout in the bar. When Emma B realizes she's about to become Eckhart's latest "guinea pig," she tricks him and Dr. Harrison (Andrew Gillies), into believing she'll come to work for them. To prove it, she promises to find Conlan and return her to them. Back at Sanctuary, further tests on Emma A lead Adam to reason that Conlan's discharges destabilized her sub-molecular organic structure. Meanwhile, Jesse (Forbes March) and Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) decide to go in search of Brennan, but Emma A's telempathic powers have already revealed that he's gone to the bar to find her. Brennan has indeed found Conlan, who lies curled up in pain as the result of experimental operations by Dr. Harrison. Suddenly, Emma B bursts in on Brennan and Conlan. She disables Brennan while Conlan is grabbed by GSA agents who haul her back to Genomex. Brennan staggers to his feet to pursue them as Emma A arrives. Everyone gasps at the sight of the two Emmas. Brennan returns to Sanctuary to relate the shocking discovery to the rest of his team. Adam figures it's a case of instantaneous cloning, caused when Brennan supercharged Conlan's electromagnetic charge, unwittingly creating a force capable of cutting through cellular material at a genetic level. If they can't figure out a way to integrate the two Emmas back into one person, it could be fatal for both of them. Meanwhile back at Genomex, Emma B tells Conlan about her scheme to bring down Eckhart and the GSA once and for all. She believes that by turning Genomex into one giant stasis pod, they will lower the temperature of the inhabitants' metabolisms to the point that none of them will ever wake up again. Despite the fact that her plan will also result in the death of innocent mutants within the building, Emma B is determined to carry out her plan. When Adam gets wind of Emma B's plan, he tracks her down at the bar where she and Conlan are devising their next move. Despite his pleas, Emma B won't be swayed from her mission, even when Adam informs her that both Emmas will die within hours if they are not reunited. After Emma A sends word to Adam that Emma B and Conlan have returned to Genomex, Shalimar and Jesse are dispatched to find Emma B and bring her back to Sanctuary before she can do any harm. Conlan, however, has already set Emma B's plan in motion. Via comlink, Adam orders Jesse to hit the building with a microwave blast to neutralize Conlan's electrical charge before anyone's metabolism drops too low. That done, Jesse and Shalimar go after Emma B, who has escaped back to the bar with Conlan. When Emma B resists capture, Jesse knocks her out and carries her back to Sanctuary. Meanwhile, Conlan, feeling guilty about the ambush on Genomex, is relieved to hear that no one died in the incident. Knowing full well that Eckhart will come after Conlan again, Brennan promises to find a safe haven for her. Back at Sanctuary, Adam decides to repeat the incident that split her in the first place. Emma finally returns, but with no memory of what happened. On hearing the story, she tries to apologize for all the trouble she caused, but Adam assures her, "In this case, the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts."

Emma: You always take me to the nicest places.
Brennan: Wasn't my choice.
Emma: How well do you know this Conlan anyway?
Brennan: I guess as well as you can know anyone you work with.
Emma: Now by work, are you talking about your past endeavors as a lowlife and a hoodlum?
Brennan: Hey! That's not very nice. Justified, but not very nice.

Jesse: So what're you going to do, keep beating yourself up about it?
Brennan: I know who I'd like to beat up.
Jesse: You'd hit a woman?
Brennan: No, no, but if there's a woman who could drive me to do it, it would be her.

Brennan: Trust me, we've been in some pretty tight situations together.
Jesse: I'll bet.
Brennan: Not that kind of tight.

Mason: You're still interested, aren't you?
Matty Conlan: And if I say no?
Mason: Well, I'd certainly never force anyone to better themselves.

Emma B: Get near me with that, Doctor, you’ve breathed your last breath.
Mason: The man you are holding is Dr. Kenneth Harrison, the GSA’s most illustrious biogeneticist.
Emma B: Is it always so damn cold in here?
Mason: Well, actually, the temperature in the lab has been lowered to inhibit the spread of germs and viruses.
Emma B: Germs freak you out, huh?
Mason: I’m afraid Dr. Harrison must complete his examination.
Emma B: I’m not gonna be your latest guinea pig.

Mason: Well, this is a side of Emma deLauro that my intelligence on Mutant X told me nothing about.
Emma B: Well, I'm nothing like the rest of those Mutant X freaks.
Mason: You call your own teammates freaks?
Ken Harrison: You consider yourself normal?
Emma B: I consider myself gifted. And too valuable to be wasted as some mad doctor's lab rat.
Mason: I know it’s a ploy, but I’m intrigued. What did you have in mind?
Emma: Why not try a real experiment and let me join you?
Mason: I beg your pardon?
Emma: You heard me. I wanna leave Mutant X and come work the GSA.

Emma A: If Adam expects us to train like this, we have to think more about our safety.
Shalimar: Are you for real?!
Emma A: All I'm saying is, let's be safe out there. And in here.
Jesse: Post traumatic stress disorder.

Mason: Why do you want to leave Mutant X?
Emma B: I'm sick of their mealy-mouthed non-lethal style. I'm ready for some real action. I thought I could do well here.
Mason: Not if you think you can manipulate me. What is it you want here?
Emma B: Job satisfaction. Adam doesn't recognize my true potential.
Mason: I tried to get you to join us once before.
Emma B: No, you tried to make me your prisoner. This is the first time you've listened to what I have to say.
Mason: You've never wanted to talk to me before. Perhaps that hit from Miss Conlan affected your brain.
Emma B: What if it did? Maybe that's what it took to bring out the real me.
Mason: The real you would betray your mutant friends?
Emma B: They're a misfit gang of do-gooders that I'm forced to live with.
Mason: This is all very entertaining, but why should I trust you?
Emma B: You shouldn't. I'll have to prove myself to you.

Mason: You'll be accompanied by GS agents.
Emma B: Fine. Just as long as they don't get in my way.
Mason: I'll expect to hear from you every two hours.
Emma B: I'll be back before you have time to check your watch.

Axel: She’s just a girl, you little mama’s boy! Get your ass in there.

Mason: It would have been so much easier for you to just keep our appointment.
Matty Conlan: It would have been so much easier if you had just killed me when we met.
Mason: I saved you from a wasted life and turned your piddling mutant powers into something truly formidable.
Matty: All you gave me is pain.
Mason: Which will soon be over.

Emma A: What do you want?
Emma B: Tell Adam that his methods don't cut it anymore. So I'm going to put an end to Eckhart and the GSA once and for all. You know, it's so simple I'm disgusted that Adam didn't think of it sooner.
Emma A: What are you going to do?
Emma B: What they've been doing to us. Turn Genomex into one giant stasis pod.

Adam: See, the good news is, she was only pretending to join the GSA.
Emma A: Yeah, well the bad news is, she's out of her freaking mind!

Adam: I didn't know you drank.
Emma B: If you're looking for the teetotaler version, I believe she's with you.

Mason: In a big hurry, Miss deLauro? I demand to know what you're doing here. And don't use your telepathy on me.
Emma B: Promise. [punches him]

Adam: Now go to your room, and don't come out until Brennan comes to get you! Go!
Brennan: That was a bit harsh, wasn't it?
Adam: Yeah, well the way this new Emma is acting, it's the only thing she'll understand.

Shalimar: You're coming with me.
Emma B: Like hell I am.
Shalimar: [sigh] This is getting irritating. [punches her, Jesse catches her] Got her?
Jesse: Oh yeah. I got news for ya. Split Emma? Heavy as the whole one.

Mason: They had us. We would never have known what hit us.
Ken Harrison: I would like to continue my research. I feel we're getting close.
Mason: I fully support exploration into the possibilities of grafting mutancy onto low level non-new-mutants.
Ken: The research subjects would have to be expendable, of course.
Mason: Of course. Do you have anyone in mind? [Mason looks at him]

Shalimar: What’s the last thing you remember?
Emma: Meeting Matty Conlan with Brennan and then the GSA showed up.
Jesse: She doesn’t remember a thing.
Emma: About what?
Adam: Oh, about the hidden sides of Emma deLauro.

Matty Conlan: Ever wonder why we never hooked up? How come you never put the moves on me?
Brennan: I never like to mix business with pleasure. I still don't.
Matty: Well, that was then. What about now?
Brennan: Now more than ever, Matty. Don't you think this combination would be kind of...combustible?
Matty: Your loss. Where can I go to get a cab around here?
Brennan: It's official. You're nuts.

Emma: So how insane was I?
Adam: Well, which you are we talking about?
Emma: Well, I guess they both had their moments.
Adam: Yeah, well we're all walking dichotomies. Light and dark, good and evil, yin and yang.
Emma: I think my yang took over my yin.
Adam: Yeah, well your yin put up quite a fight.
Emma: I'm sorry if I caused you guys a lot of trouble.
Adam: No. They weren't the real you.
Emma: Yeah, but if each Emma is a part of me--
Adam: No. This is definitely a case where the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts.

Trivia & Nitpicks: Emma gets several scans in this episode, but never has to strip down to that black bra. That luxury will be entirely Shalimar’s from here on out.

In the tag, there's a new, shiny indoor garden in Sanctuary.

Emma's non-telempathic power #9: Badass!Emma makes Dr. Harrison feel he has to go to the bathroom immediately by casting visions of waterfalls into his mind. Bladder fullness? Not an emotion.

Brennan wants a hug from Matty, gets a smooch and then a backstab. Maybe he should stick to hugging members of Mutant X...not that scared!Emma lets him later in the episode. While gathering up badass!Emma, Matty says something to the effect of having to settle for Brennan's girlfriend. Apparently she's a Brennan/Emma 'shipper. *snerk*

Brennan tells Jesse that he would never hit a woman. Though it's true that neither he nor Jesse actually punches a woman in the series (either Shalimar or Emma is always around to do the honors), chivalry doesn't prevent Brennan from electrocuting Kendra MacEvoy in "In the Presence of Mine Enemies," Valerie in "Past as Prologue," the wheelchair-bound Marika in "Into the Moonless Night," and Emma in "A Breed Apart" and "Deadly Desire."

Brennan’s sure that Matty didn’t have new mutant powers when he last knew her because they’d been in tight situations where she could have used them. That's an odd attitude to have, given the fact that Brennan never let anyone see him use his abilities back then either, even though he was in those tight situations right along with her.

Why is scared!Emma afraid of the EDD scan? It's not like whole Emma never had them before. (This seemed a bit much).

Wait a second, Mason was gonna pod Dr. Harrison in the last episode. Why's he still there? (And the end of this episode, Mason implies he should be a research subject.)

Why does it take so long for Jesse and Shalimar to realize how weirdly Emma's acting? And for that matter, why is scared Emma out in the real world trying to hunt down Brennan? Other than the plot device.

If the split was some sort of cellular/genetic event, how come Emma’s clothes were copied too?

Adam is shocked that Emma's drinking--what about that Amaretto Sour in “Whiter Shade of Pale”? OK, she didn't exactly wait around for it, but if Emma doesn't drink, how does she know about the more obscure fancy drinks?

How come the lab’s security lockdown isn't Brennan-proof? After all, we learn the dojo is in "Altered Ego,” and Sanctuary itself is in "The Future Revealed."

Complete random weirdness: Shal kissing the bald guy during the brawl scene. WTH? (She and Jesse tag teaming it is a sight to behold, however.)

Where did the flat beds for reintegrating Emma come from?

Why is Matty resorting to baby talk with Brennan? My god. There is one proposition in the series he turns down. ::boggles::

Ep Tally. Topless Brennan: 0 Adam Kisses: 1 Freak mentions: 1 Food intake: 1 drink (Emma B)

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