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Dream Lover

Mutant X Episode Synopses

Dream Lover: Episode #319.

Tag: Mutant X must stop a scientist from cloning women for use as slaves in his ultra-exclusive men’s club. [Transcript]

Cast & Crew: Written by Mark Amato; Directed by Bill Corcoran
Lorry Ayers....Nurse
Jessica Barrow....Dancer
Jennifer Bohr....Dancer
Alicia Bruce....Dancer
Carrie Clayton....Dancer
Tim Eddis....Businessman
Daniel Kelly Fiddick....Cab Driver
Karen Gittens....Dancer
Matt Gordon....Nolan Blackledge
Amy Ciupak Lalonde....Britney Zadora
Ramona Pringle....Tiffany
Nicole Rocke....Dancer
Jennifer Steede....Gia Duchamps
Craig Warnock....Kevin Gitre
Mariecka Weathered....Dancer
Ted Whittall....Sebastian Conway

Official Synopsis: Inside an exclusive club, a beautiful woman, Gia Duchamps (Jennifer Steede), tells Britney Zadora (Amy Lalonde), that something’s wrong about the club, but Britney just ignores her. When a businessman approaches, Britney’s demeanor instantly changes and she embraces him. They walk off and when Gia locks eyes with the club’s owner Sebastian Conway (Ted Whittall), she quickly turns away. Meanwhile at Sanctuary, Shalimar’s (Victoria Pratt) phone rings and when she answers, Gia, who’s an old friend of hers, pleads for her help. Before Gia can tell Shalimar where she is, Sebastian takes the phone from her and hangs up. He leads Gia down a corridor but she breaks free of his grasp just as two bouncers appear. Gia’s eyes glow a feral gold as she fights them, but Sebastian subdues her with a taser. A short time later, Gia is strapped to a gurney in a lab beneath the club. Sebastian watches as Nolan Blackledge (Matt Gordon) uses an infrared laser to scan Gia’s body. Suddenly, millions of organic nanobots pour onto the empty gurney next to Gia, creating a perfect clone. In Sanctuary, Brennan (Victor Webster) reminds a distraught Shalimar that she’s helped Gia many times, but the girl has never been able to stay out of trouble. Meanwhile, Sebastian watches alongside wealthy businessman Kevin Gitre (Craig Warnock) as Nolan works to turn Gia’s clone into the perfect woman Gitre is paying for. Nolan tells Gitre that the clone is a form of organic nanotechnology that will never age and will do what she’s told. Satisfied, Gitre hands a briefcase of money to Sebastian, who warns that if he tells anyone about their agreement, it would be very costly. Back at Sanctuary, Shalimar reveals to Lexa (Karen Cliche) that Gia is a feral she was close to before joining Mutant X. Jesse (Forbes March) enters and says Gia’s call came from a high-class club where girls are paid to entertain the clientele. Shalimar heads to the club but when she sees Gia, the girl clearly does not recognize her. Shalimar tries to talk to her, but Gitre arrives and after introducing himself to Shalimar, he leads Gia away. Shalimar returns to Sanctuary where Jesse tells her he’s learned Gitre’s married with two children and has a loft in the city. Brennan and Shalimar head to the loft where they find Gitre and Gia’s clone engaged in a lewd act. Believing Sebastian sent them for more money, Gitre starts talking about the terms of their agreement. Before he can say too much, Gia grabs a crystal pyramid from a table and plunges it into his back. Just before Gia leaps out of the window, Brennan and Shalimar see a retinal shimmer in her eyes. When they rush to the window, they see Gia’s nanobots dissolve and reform on the sidewalk, allowing her to walk away. Later, Sebastian and Nolan use a retinal scan on Gia’s clone to learn what happened from her point of view and Sebastian recognizes Shalimar from the club. Meanwhile, Shalimar and Lexa decide to pose as girls looking for work to find out what’s going on at the club. That night, they arrive at the club dressed provocatively and after Sebastian takes a look at them, he tells them to start right away. Back at Sanctuary, Jesse visits the club’s website and after entering false bank account records, a webcam hostess welcomes him. Jesse learns from the woman that if a client shows interest in one of the girls, they are lead to the Platinum Lounge to get better acquainted. Jesse tells this to Brennan, who comlinks Lexa that women are being sold and that something happens to them in the lounge. Lexa joins Shalimar at the bar and Sebastian appears and says someone wants to get to know Shalimar better. He leads Shalimar to the Platinum Lounge and when two bouncers attack her, she responds with a series of quick moves. Sebastian shocks her with a taser and takes her to the lab. He tells Nolan to clone Shalimar’s brain as well as her body so they can use what she knows to their advantage. In the club, Lexa comlinks Jesse, who tells her Brennan’s on his way to the club posing as a wealthy businessman. He adds that the club is run by Nolan, an ex Genomex employee who specializes in nanobot technology. Just then, Shalimar’s clone appears and tells Lexa that the man in the lounge would like to meet her as well. As Lexa makes her way to the lounge, Brennan arrives and is greeted by Sebastian, who introduces him to Shalimar. Unaware she’s a clone, Brennan follows Shalimar into the Platinum Lounge to talk privately. At Sanctuary, Jesse is surprised when Lexa appears and says Brennan and Shalimar have everything under control at the club, so she came to help him. She suddenly kisses him and when she pulls away, Jesse sees a retinal shimmer in her eyes and he realizes she’s a clone. He masses out just before she fires lasers at him, then knocks her down and runs out. Meanwhile, Brennan is waiting for Shalimar by a Jacuzzi when Jesse comlinks him and says Lexa has been cloned. Shalimar’s clone enters and Brennan is caught off guard when she grabs his head and forces him under the water. Meanwhile, Jesse realizes that since the clones are based in nanotechnology, they are vulnerable to electricity. When Lexa’s clone nears, Jesse shocks her with CPR paddles and the nanobots dissolve. He comlinks Brennan, who barely has time to hear what he says before Shalimar’s clone dunks him again. In the lab, Nolan tends to Shalimar, but when he turns his back, she gets up and takes him out with a swift kick. She comlinks Jesse and learns that her clone is attacking Brennan so she runs upstairs and finds her clone about to kill him. The two Shalimars fight each other and when Brennan rolls up a tesla coil, he can’t tell them apart. When he sees the retinal shimmer in the clone’s eyes, he hits her with a massive bolt of electricity. Hearing someone approaching, Brennan and Shalimar act quickly and when Sebastian and his two bouncers enter, Shalimar poses as the clone and tells them Brennan’s body is in the Jacuzzi. Brennan then jumps up and takes the bouncers out while Shalimar knocks the taser from Sebastian’s hand. Brennan fires a tesla coil at him and when Sebastian dissolves, they realize he’s a clone and Nolan is behind everything. Meanwhile, Jesse phases into the lab and unties Lexa just as Nolan enters. When Brennan and Shalimar arrive, Brennan fries Nolan with a huge tesla coil, closing the club for good.

Brennan: Shal, c’mon! What’re you doing? The movie starts in one hour. We’re gonna miss the previews again!
Shalimar: Would you keep your pants on? We have plenty of time.
Brennan: What?
Shalimar: Or better yet, take those off.

Jesse: Salon night at Sanctuary, is it?
Lexa: Do you want something, Jess?
Jesse: Yeah. Listen, while we’re still on good terms with The Dominion, do you think you could get your friends to get us a crank 38 dual processor for the Helix?
Lexa: What’s wrong with the old one?
Jesse: Oh, nothing.It’s just this one is bigger. Better.
Lexa: What’s in it for me?
Jesse: Sorry?
Lexa: If I’m gonna call you in a favor, what are you willing to do for me? Hm?
Jesse: Um. What do you want?
Lexa: Hm... Oh! Well, you could paint my toenails.
Jesse: Dream on.

Jesse: So how was the movie?
Brennan: I’ll let you know when I get a chance to see it.
Shalimar: Jess, can you do me a favor? I need you to run a trace on a call I got earlier from a friend of mine.
Jesse: All right.
Brennan: Gia DuChamps. Uh-huh. Shalimar seems to think something’s happened to her.
Shalimar: Thought she was gonna call back, and she didn’t. I have no way of getting a hold of her.
Brennan: Shal, seriously. I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about. Besides, you know how Gia always flakes out on you.
Shalimar: Brennan, will you stop it, please?

Lexa: You’re really worried about this girl, huh? I didn’t know you two were so close.
Shalimar: Yeah, well we were. Before I joined Mutant X, I lived on the streets for a while, and Gia and I kinda looked out for one another.
Lexa: Well, I guess we all brought along a little baggage when we joined Mutant X.
Shalimar: It’s just that last time I talked to her, I really thought she was gonna get her life together, you know?
Lexa: You know what, Shal? If there’s one thing I’ve learned is, never underestimate a feral.

Lexa: Hello? Damsel in distress, aisle two!
Jesse: Yeah, it’s really frozen up on ya. Bet you would like some help.
Lexa: Oh, what do you want? Me to paint your toenails?
Jesse: Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of a full body massage.
Lexa: Really? Now who’s dreaming?

Shalimar: I know it sounds crazy to you, but everyone has their own distinctive scent, and that wasn't Gia.
Brennan: Maybe she changed her perfume.
Shalimar: Yeah, Brennan. That must be it.

Lexa: What do you think? A little too Moulin Rouge?
Shalimar: A little too somethin'. You know, I can handle this on my own if you don't want to go.
Lexa: Are you kidding? I am not letting you go back in there alone.
Shalimar: It just makes my blood boil.
Lexa: Don't get me started.
Shalimar: I can't even imagine how desperate Gia must have been to take this job.
Lexa: Yeah, you know what? That's just it. There's an endless supply of girls just like Gia waiting to take her place.
Shalimar: Add two more to the list.

Brennan: Somebody's looking for love in all the right places.
Jesse: Yeah, something like that. All you need's a healthy bank account to get to the head of the class.
Brennan: What do you think this Platinum Lounge is all about?
Jesse: Well, my little girlfriend here is being coy, but it sounds like it's where all the magic happens.
Brennan: Well, I guess if you've got a bankroll, a quarter of a million bucks is a small price to pay for the perfect woman.
Jesse: Yeah. I still think I'd like to find a woman the old fashioned way.
Brennan: What, pity and alcohol?
Jesse: Works for me.

Jesse: Hey Lex, how's it going over there in Sodom and Gomorrah?
Lexa: Business as usual. I've been hit on more times than Oscar de la Hoya.

Brennan: All right, that's it. I'm going in. Can you get me an invite to this place?
Jesse: Yeah, sure. Whatever you want to be. An oil tycoon? A pop star? Ooo, a captain of industry?
Brennan: Captain of industry sounds good.

Nolan Blackledge: You realize she's a mutant?
Sebastian Conway: Of course I do. How many of those freaks did you people make, anyway?
Nolan: Not as many as I would have liked. Look at them; they're extraordinary.
Sebastian: We label her as one of the exotics. Can you imagine the price her kind will fetch when all this is over?

Jesse: Hello, angels.
Lexa: Sorry, Charlie, make that one angel.

Jesse: The guy who's really behind Nero's is a guy named Nolan Blackledge. He's a Genomex alumni.
Lexa: Of course. Damn, I'd love to know what evil juice they put in that water cooler.

Lexa: Hey, what happened?
Shalimar: Oh, nothing much. He gave me the old once-over and let me go all Pasedena. Apparently I'm not his type. I think he's hotter for you.
Lexa: Oh. Lucky me. Don't take it personally.
Shalimar: Oh, I won't.

Jesse: What?
Clone!Lexa: Nothing. It's just...I never realized how good looking you are.
Jesse: Shut up.
Clone!Lexa: I'm serious.
Jesse: You just love messing with me, don't you?
Clone!Lexa: No, but I'd like to.

Jesse: Wait. Nanotechnology's based on bioelectronics! Which means that--[Clone!Lexa blasts him]

Shalimar: Why are you looking at me like that?
Brennan: Like what?
Shalimar: Like you don't even know me. I am not the enemy here, Brennan. [repeat of Lexa's line in "A Normal Life"]

Shalimar: It's a shame to mess up that pretty face. What's a girl to do?

Jesse: Brennan?
Brennan: Jess?
Jesse: I finally figured out the off switch. Since these guys are based in nanotechnology--
Brennan: Just cut to it!
Jesse: E-lec-tricity. You could be the key, Sparky.
Brennan: I'm soaking wet!
Jesse: Well, you'd better dry your ass off fast.

Shalimar: How'd you know it was me?
Brennan: I figured I had a 50-50 chance. Oh come on, I'm not going to get you confused with some cheap imitation.

Brennan: He done blowed up.

Jesse: Hey there, sunshine. You feeling any better?
Lexa: Yeah. You'd be amazed how refreshed you feel after 20 hours of sleep.
Jesse: Yeah, well it's a pretty strong sedative they gave you.
Lexa: Yeah. Just my luck I got to sleep through all the fun.
Jesse: Ah, you didn't miss much.
Lexa: So, did I behave myself?
Jesse: Oh, you were good. You were...really good.
Lexa: Yeah right, you wish!
Jesse: That's a nice tattoo you have.
Lexa: Jesse. Get back here! You're gonna tell me everything that went on. Jesse! Everything, do you hear me?

Shalimar: I set Gia up with a place to stay and gave her some cash to tide her over 'til she found a job.
Brennan: Shal--
Shalimar: Look, I know what you're going to say. I know I'm not a superhero. I can't save everyone.
Brennan: No, no. Actually, I was gonna say that I'm sorry. I shouldn't have assumed anything about your friend. People can change. I just hope that she keeps her act together.
Shalimar: Yeah, me too. God, it just makes me sick a place like Nero's even exists today.
Brennan: Yeah, well it’s man’s pursuit of the perfect woman. It’s been going on since the beginning of time.
Shalimar: Well, man should get over his damn self. Women are perfect just the way they are.

Trivia & Nitpicks: Shalimar and Gia lived on the streets together before Shalimar joined Mutant X. Gia is the first of two feral drug addicts we meet in S3.

Jesse kills synthetic Lexa with the same paddles which saved his life in the previous episode.

Shalimar’s hair has grown like 5 inches since the previous episode! Must be a feral thing.

Taser construction has improved considerably since the days of Genomex. In "Dark Star Rising," many taser blasts were required to take down ferals Shalimar and Bo Longstreet; in this episode, however, one taser blast and bam! Shalimar and Gia are down for the count.

David Kelly Fiddick, who plays the cabdriver that synthetic Gia falls on, played a character named Frank Thorn in 'La Femme Nikita.' Hee.

Nolan has created a fairly flexible machine for creating synthetic clones; the real Shalimar and the real Gia are on opposite tables when they are being copied.

The ‘science’ of this episode is so questionable that the writers didn’t even bother to write technobabble to back it up. Notice that every time Jesse’s about to explain the inner workings of cybernetic clones, he is conveniently interrupted, and is unable to finish his thought:

Technobabble avoidance #1:
Jesse: He’s figured out how to create synthetic clones by combining genetics with nanotechnology. These synthetic clones are virtually indistinguishable from their human counterparts-- *sees Lexa staring at him* What?

Technobabble avoidance #2:
Jesse: Brennan, they’re onto us! Sebastian’s been popping off clones of the girls. Gia, Lexa, they’re all synthetics. I have no idea how to pull the plug on them. Wait, nanotechnology’s based on bioelectronics. Which means that–- *Lexa backhands him*

Technobabble avoidance #3:
Jesse: I finally figured out the off switch. Since these guys are based in nanotechnology, the only way to dis--
Brennan: Just cut to it!

The plan to allow Brennan to infiltrate Narrow's Wake seems pretty dumb. If Sebastian Conway and Nolan Ryan weren’t already suspicious when Shalimar kept popping up, wouldn't they catch on when this prevously unheard of billionaire captain of industry suddenly shows up on the same night, looking for an ‘exotic’ girl?

Shalimar: "Brennan, I am not the enemy here!" Took the words right out of Lexa’s mouth, in the episode "A Normal Life."

Shalimar, Gia, and Lexa are under the influence of a very strong sedative. But whispering their names wakes them up immediately.

Brennan is still damp while electrocuting synthetic Shal. Why is Brennan in the hot tub, anyway? He is supposed to be playing along with the seduction, but it seems a pretty bad idea for him to voluntarily get wet in any situation where he might need to fight.

So, how did Brennan know which Shalimar was which? Well, the evil Shalimar had just attempted to drown him in the hot tub. He just electrocuted the one with the wet arm, of course.

Lexa has a tattoo in an interesting location. Since we learned in "She's Come Undone" that Dominion employees are supposed to have pyramid tattoos, perhaps this is where hers is?

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