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First Appearance: "The Taking of Crows."

Details: An adulterated form of dexenfluramine created by Genomex scientist Dr. Sara Stanton to control new mutant aggression, DXL's effects on serotonin made it powerfully addictive to normal humans when ingested and caused new mutants to lose control over their abilities before they died. Luckily for Lexa Pierce and Jesse Kilmartin, who both came into contact with the drug, Dr. Stanton also made an antidote.

Technobabble: Shalimar: "It’s called dexenfluramine, or an adulterated form of it anyway. It was developed in the early days of Genomex by a Dr. Sara Stanton. So what the drug does is create a highly potent synthetic form of serotonin in the body."
Brennan: "So Genomex was in the business of experimenting with better ways to get high?"
Shalimar: "Actually, the project was supposed to be about controlling mutant aggression and the narcotic effects on humans was just a side effect. A highly addictive side effect."

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