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Eckhart, Marcus

Marcus Eckhart.

Details: According to early casting breakdowns, Mason Eckhart was originally supposed to be named Marcus Eckhart. Though the name was officially changed to Mason before the start of the Mutant X series, hints of the original name do pop up in old articles, websites, and once in the series itself. If you listen carefully to the episode "Russian Roulette," you'll notice that Sonya Barovsky mistakenly calls herself "an associate of Marcus Eckhart." And in Mason's biography on Tribune Entertainment's faux website, it is stated that Mason once had a twin brother, Marcus, who accidentally drowned in 1970 when the two were boys.

There are certain fans who hold out hope that the crazy-haired stammering man Brennan Mulwray killed in the season three episode "Into the Moonless Night" was not really Mason, but Marcus Eckhart.

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