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Electronic Bubble Generator

Electronic bubble generator.

First Appearance: "Crossroads of the Soul."

Details: Created by the eccentric physicist Dr. Alfred Marcus, this force-field generator was capable of isolating the entire town of New Hope from the outside world for decades.

From Mutant X Lives: ...Dr. Alfred Marcus & Lewiston. Ever catch that old Gene Kelly musical, “Brigadoon”? It’s about an ancient Scottish village that appears out of the mist once every hundred years to dance and sing? Well, that seems to be the story of Lewiston, USA as well (minus the musical numbers). Al Marcus was an important government scientist who worked under the FDR administration during the 30’s and 40’s. He supposedly developed an electronic force field bubble that could cover and isolate an area as large as eighty square acres. It was slated to be deployed be the Defense Department if the A-Bomb didn’t work in Japan. Of course, “Little Boy” was a flaming success, so the project got back burnered. Did I mention that Marcus was also a chronic sociopath? (What is it about you genius types, Adam?) The horrors of WWII convinced him the world was a sinking cesspool that would destroy the innocent small-town life he cherished so. After ranting and raving for a while, the good doctor disappeared without a trace. Coincidentally, all of his force field data and equipment went missing with him. Official word at the time was Marcus went over to the Soviets. I don’t think this was right, however. He was far too much of a patriot to defect. After tracking camouflaged bank accounts, numerous aliases and real estate records dating back over half a century (no small feat, I might add) I think I’ve pieced together Marcus’ trail to an area about thirty miles west of Edgarstown (right where your agent’s car was found, yes?) This used to be a tiny mining community called Lewiston (pop. 149 in 1950). Now it’s just empty space, not even a ghost town. Maps haven’t listed it for years. The trouble is, there are no records of Lewiston ever being deserted. It just ceased to exist (and wasn’t really missed, for that matter). Are you connecting the same dots I am? What if mad Dr. Marcus with his driving desire to preserve Mayberry drove into town with a trunk load of stolen government technology and sealed it off from the rest of the festering world? Think about it. Inside an invisible barrier could live a barn-dancing-“Gee, Ma”-general store milkshake kind of community with no clue that Elvis is dead (or ever was alive!). Untouched folk that would make the Amish jealous. It’s my guess that the Elementally-dashing Mr. Mulwray sparked a way into Lewiston and is pas-de-deuxing with a rural Cyd Charisse as we speak (the musical again). You’d be a fool not to check it out. I’ve posted the most accurate coordinates on the vanished town I could find to both the Stormking and Double Helix systems. And Adam, if you do find Lewiston under a sheath of electronic Tupperware, leave Marcus’ machines for my crew to retrieve and we’ll call it even.

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