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Details: One of the four categories of new mutant is elementals. Elemental new mutants have the ability to control the energy of the elements and the environment.'s elemental subtypes: electrical, thermal (heat or cold related), sonic, chemical, botanical (plant related), geological (earth related - extremely rare).

On the Mutant X team, Brennan Mulwray is an electrical elemental. Brennan ("Sparky") can throw tesla coils from his fingers, allowing him to jump-start cars and cardiac arrests, open electronic locks, and electrocute enemies. Brennan needs a period of rest between voltage uses, and cannot use his abilities when he gets wet, lest he short out or electrocute himself. Wrapping his arms in chains or holding something that's touching the floor grounds him. More about Brennan Mulwray is here.

Other elementals who have appeared in the series: Electrical cybernetic Barry Sterling (a.k.a. Kilohertz), thermal Alice Robins, electrical absorber Ashley Elliott, thermal Josh Valentine, botanical Skeet Vosberg, eletrical Matty Conlan, sonic Calvin Porter, air absorber Eli Lynch, thermal/heat and cold Pamela Fries, thermal Kelly Rice, thermal Josh, electrical Patricia, thermal Billy Larkin, thermal Nick Maddox, pain Silva, wind Oblivion, electrical Candace Rockwell.

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