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05 January 2016 @ 12:09 am
Elliot, Ashley  

Ashley Elliot -- Played by Moya O'Connell

Ashley Elliot.

Mutant Type: Elemental (Electrical Absorber).

First Appearance: "Lit Fuse."

Quote: Jesse: "Ashley, have you seen Brennan?"
Ashley: "He’s around."

Details: Ashley's fiance Eric Tanner conspired with the bounty hunter Neil Cross to bring her in to Genomex. Ashley's DNA was actively mutating, forcing her to absorb large amounts of electricity to survive. Mason Eckhart planned to use her to deactivate his enemies' power sources. After Ashley caused a temporary blackout by draining a power station of 400 megawatts, Mutant X brought her to Sanctuary, where she and Brennan Mulwray experienced an instant attraction. Despite Adam Kane's repeated warnings, Ashley and Brennan kissed. Ashley then absorbed Brennan in the form of electricity, taking off in the Double Helix to rescue her boyfriend from Neil. She arrived too late, however, for Neil had already killed Eric in a dispute over money. Neil took a weakened Ashley back to the power station to strengthen her before delivering her to Mason Eckhart. Using the Double Helix to reverse the polarity of the electromagnetic charges, Mutant X successfully pulled Brennan from Ashley as she absorbed the energy which would have been lethal for him. Adam was able to stabilize Ashley's DNA, ending her power hungry rampage.

Adam's thoughts from Mutant X Lives: ASHLEY ELLIOT - Ashley was one of many cases I’ve seen where a New Mutant’s powers dominate their personality and cause them to behave in a way contrary to their nature. In many ways it is like drug addiction and needs similar treatment. In Ashley’s case we were successful. Hopefully the young woman will learn from the ordeal and apply it to her future.

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