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Ex Marks the Spot: Episode #118.

Tag: Shalimar's former boyfriend, mutant Zack Lockhart, joins the Mutant X team on a mission to steal a secret genetic formula. [Transcript]

Cast & Crew: Written by Mark Amato, Howard Chaykin, and David L. Newman; Directed by Jorge Montesi
Michael Anthony Rawlins....Artie Hill
Callum Keith Rennie....Zack Lockhart

Official Synopsis: At an abandoned safehouse, mutant Zack Lockhart (Callum Keith Rennie) meets with GSA agent Artie Hill (Michael Anthony Rawlins) to go over plans to break into a highly secure vault. After assessing the risks involved, Zack, who has the power to penetrate solid objects and reveal their contents holographically, refuses to participate and heads for the stairs. Just as Hill's cronies whip out their taser truncheons, Brennan (Victor Webster) and Jesse (Forbes March) arrive and overpower the agents. They escape with Zack and call Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) to inform her they are bringing a mutant named Zack to Safehouse 6. Shalimar is furious when she realizes that Zack is her former boyfriend, who brought her nothing but trouble in the past. She warns Adam (John Shea) that Zack is a dangerous liar and thief, but Adam contends that Zack may have changed since she knew him, and his extraordinary powers might prove very useful to them. At Genomex, Eckhart (Tom McCamus) is incensed that Artie has let Zack escape, since his powers are needed to break into the vault. Artie promises Eckhart he will find a way to get Zack to cooperate. Meanwhile at Sanctuary, Adam and Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) begin researching the vault. They discover that the safe, located at Dombey & Sons Security, contains a precious collection of Fabergè Eggs that are to be sold by Segal's Fine Auctions the following day. When Adam learns that one of the eggs belonged to Eckhart's arch rival in Russia, a biogeneticist working on the manipulation of the DNA strand controlling free will, the Mutant X team deduces that the egg contains a data chip with the secret genetic code. If Eckhart gets hold of the chip, he will have control over all mutants. Adam realizes he must get to the egg before Eckhart, and the only person who can help him is Zack. However, Zack is painfully aware of how much Shalimar detests him, and decides to leave Mutant X. At Adam's urging, Shalimar reluctantly sets out to find Zack. After persuading him to rejoin the mission, she lets down her guard, and the two enjoy a passionate reunion. Their tryst is soon interrupted by Artie and his men, and the two fight them off before heading to a safehouse. In the meantime, Adam has dispatched the rest of his team to case the Dombey & Sons facility. As Brennan and Emma conduct surveillance from inside the Double Helix, Jesse phases out, enters the building and infiltrates the security system. To everyone's surprise, the GSA suddenly begins its break-in. Mutant X secretly monitors their operation and triggers the security alarm, just as Artie is about to break through the vault's electronic lock. Security guards burst in and arrest Artie and his men. An angry Eckhart then takes matters into his own hands, placing an absentee bid for the egg under an alias name. Adam soon discovers that Eckhart is the absentee bidder, and realizes that unless Mutant X acts immediately, the egg will be in Eckhart's hands by morning. Now, with the help of Shalimar and Zack, Mutant X prepares for its mission - to break into the vault, steal the data chip and replace the egg with no one the wiser. Dressed in full security guard gear, the team infiltrates Dombey & Sons. Emma, using her telempathic powers, immediately puts two security guards to sleep and grabs the special keycard that is able to wipe out the lethal laser beams surrounding the vault. Jesse phases out, passes through the laser gauntlet and swipes the keycard through the electronic lock slot, extinguishing the lasers. Zack is able to create a holographic image of the inner workings of the vault's security system, which Brennan then blasts with a tesla coil, clearing the way for Jesse to reach inside for the Fabergè Egg. Suddenly, Zack grabs for the egg, causing Jesse to lose his grip and sending the egg flying. Shalimar reacts quickly, catching the egg and opening it up to remove the hidden data chip before the team returns the egg and exits the facility. The next morning, Shalimar finds Zack in a rush to leave town. Unconvinced about his change of heart from the beginning, Shalimar reaches up to Zack's ear with a sleight of hand move, produces the data chip and reveals she was aware all along that he would try to steal it. Back at Genomex, Eckhart opens up his egg. Finding he has been scammed, he smashes the delicate masterpiece in a fit of rage. At Sanctuary, Adam, Jesse and Brennan destroy the data chip, knowing it's too dangerous to be left intact.

Artie Hill: We confiscated this place from a gang of freaks.
Zack: What, you mean people like me?
Artie: Your words, not mine.

Jesse: You guys spend more time in our hideouts than we do.
Brennan: I’m getting pretty tired of uninvited guests. Should we ask them to leave?
Jesse: I think we shall.

Zack: Some kind of ride. So, who’s doing the flying?
Jesse: It flies itself.
Zack: Wow. Now this is the kind of getaway car I can live with.
Brennan: Don’t have to worry about your wheel man turning yellow and leaving you high and dry.

Adam: Shalimar, you haven’t seen this guy in 6 years. People change.
Shalimar: Yeah well, Zack’s not exactly people. Trust me. Thanks to him I had to spend a week in jail after he stashed some loot from a job in my freezer.
Adam: Still, we gotta find out what this guy has to say.
Shalimar: Fine. Then I’ll smoke him.
Emma: I downloaded Zack’s file from the database. You sure know how to pick em, don’t ya?
Shalimar: Knew. I’ve gotten a little more selective since then.
Emma: Well, he’s definitely cute. In a “this is one you don’t want your parents to meet” kind of way.
Shalimar: Well, Zack can charm the pants off of anyone, so you better be careful. And you better be careful too. Keep your eyes open and your hands on your wallet.
Adam: Wait, where are you going?
Shalimar: Well, like you said...I mean, I haven’t seen this guy in 6 years. I thought maybe it was time for us to get reaquainted.
Adam: No. I need a little objectivity here.
Shalimar: I can be objective!
Adam: You just said you were gonna smoke him.
Shalimar: Please. What, I’m gonna smoke him? That was .. That was a...
Emma: Figure of speech.
Shalimar: Exactly, a figure of speech.
Adam: We need to find out what this guy has to say. So you have to keep your emotions out of it.
Shalimar: Absolutely.
Adam: All right? I want it clean, I want it simple, and I want it professional.
Shalimar: Okay.
Adam: Okay.
Shalimar: Simple and professional.

Brennan: That's probably his mutant power, cheap party tricks. How are you with rabbits and hats?

Brennan: That must have come in handy in high school.
Zack: Well, I used to trade the guys lunch money to hang outside the girls’ gym.
Jesse: It’s all right. I phased through a few inconvenient walls of my own in high school.
Brennan: From lechery to larceny in just a few short years. Wow, imagine that?

Artie Hill: Look, if I had had a clue that Zack no longer had the stomach for this....
Mason: That’s precisely the clue I expect you to have.

Brennan: Hey, Shal! Save some for the bad guys, huh?

Zack: You always could take my breath away when you came into a room.
Shalimar: Yeah, well, the only problem is your breath keeps coming back.

Zack: Look, when I hung around with Shalimar, it’s not exactly like she wore a halo. I never bailed on her. I never bailed on her. She bailed on me.
Jesse: Huh. The way we heard it, you set her up to take a fall.
Zack: Look, it’s convoluted. The facts are always way more complex than they seem.
Brennan: Spoken like a true jail hustler.

Artie Hill: The most elaborate and expensive of the Fabrege collection encrusted with gold, platinum and laced with rose diamonds.
Mason: It could be made of lead, cut glass and paste for all I give a damn.
Artie: I will get you your egg, Mr. Eckhart. You can count on it.
Mason: Optimism has never been one of my strong suits, Mr. Hill. Do you need Mr. Lockhart to complete the mission? I can only presume from your squirming that the answer is yes. Find Mr. Lockhart and persuade him, Mr. Hill. I do not have the time or the patience for prima donnas.

Emma: So are you gonna sit here all day and brood? Or are you just practicing intimidating the plants?
Shalimar: I don’t know how Adam can take Zack at his word after what I told him. Zack made my life a living hell.
Emma: Then you’ll be glad to know that he’s gone. I guess he got the message.
Shalimar: Guys like Zack never get the message.
Emma: Maybe he’s changed. People do, you know. Look at Brennan. Or me.
Shalimar: Okay, I’ll give you that. And I guess I’ve changed too, cause I’m not gonna let anyone hurt me like that again.
Emma: Wounds that heal are one thing. But building a wall around yourself, that just sucks.
Shalimar: You reading me?
Emma: Don’t have to.

Proxy Blue: Sache Kantinski was born in 1948 and died in 1994 from what sounds like a diet of coffee, cigarettes, vodka, and fried food.
Brennan: Yeah, baby. The four horsemen of the apocalypse.
Jesse: What was he working on before he died?
Proxy Blue: The usual thing.
Jesse: And that would be?
Proxy Blue: Oh, you know. This and that.
Brennan: Hey, Proxy, you do realize we logged on for your search function, right?
Proxy Blue: Yeah, so? Who says I have to make things easier for you? Okay, okay. But only because you two are so adorable when you’re angry.

Adam: He’s the only guy who can break into that vault.
Shalimar: And he is also a complete bastard!
Adam: You’re just gonna have to put your personal differences aside.
Shalimar: Well, you know what? Don’t come crying to me when you find he isn't what he pretends to be.
Adam: I have no personal illusions about this guy, but we have to get into that place, grab the egg; we have to steal the formula, and we have to replace it without anybody being the wiser!
Shalimar: Well, that’s great, because when it comes to grand theft, Zack is your go-to guy.
Adam: Well, look, fine. I am no happier about getting into bed with this guy than you! All right, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Look, can I rephrase that, please?

Shalimar: The genetic code to manipulate free will is in that egg.
Zack: It's amazing what they can do with eggs these days.
Shalimar: You know, if Eckhart gets his hands on that code before we do, he can control any new mutant that he wants. And that includes you. Please. Same old Zack. And you’ve got the nerve that you’ve changed.
Zack: I never meant to hurt you.
Shalimar: To hell with what you meant! You got into me.
Zack: I’m sorry, Shalimar. I mean it. I’d give anything to go back and change things, but...
Shalimar: What do you think I’m offering you here? If you do this for me, then we can put the past behind us.

Adam: Shalimar went to convince him.
Jesse: So worse comes to worse, she can beat him into submission.

Brennan: What do you say we make this hurt a little bit? Just when you're so close...
Adam: Good work!
Emma: Are you always this cruel?

Mason: Arrested?
Artie: I'm afraid so.
Mason: I take it you're in the market for a good lawyer?
Artie: Yeah, you could say that.
Mason: Then I suggest the Yellow Pages. Starting with A.

Brennan: I’m concerned about her and this guy. I don’t know Zack at all, but I can read him like a book, if you know what I mean. The guy’s just out for himself.
Adam: Yeah, maybe you should cut this guy a little slack. I mean, look at you. Look at who you’ve become.
Brennan: I'm not saying people can't change. I just don't think he's the right guy for Shalimar.
Adam: Speaking as a friend, of course.
Brennan: Yeah, what else?

Brennan: That's funny. I always figured [Mason] for a speed metal kind of guy.

Brennan: Why don’t you just phase in, grab the egg and we can get outta here?
Jesse: Well, because it might be a little impossible for me to take anything back with me when I phase back through.
Brennan: Ah yeah, that’s right. Oh, so you do need me after all.
Jesse: We all need you, Brennan.
Brennan: Step aside, son. It's about to get a little hot in here.

Zack: Shalimar, it’s not what you think. What I did, I did it for us.
Shalimar: You know, there was a time I would have given anything to believe that. [she punches him] And if you ever so much as think of me again, you're going to live to regret it. But I promise you won't live very long.

Emma: You okay?
Shalimar: I don’t know. I mean, I didn’t let Zack pull one over on me this time, but for some reason, I just feel empty inside.
Emma: Maybe after all is said and done, you’re a little disappointed to find out just how right you were about him.
Shalimar: Maybe. Remember when you said that I build up walls to keep people out? I think maybe you might be right.
Emma: No. You’re not so tough.
Shalimar: Don’t you tell anyone.
Emma: Your secret’s safe with me. So Zack must have been one hell of a...
Shalimar: Oh, honey, you have no idea.
Emma: Actually, I just might.
Shalimar: You’re in my head? Get outta there!

Trivia & Nitpicks: The safehouses now have numbers; Jesse and Brennan take Zack to safehouse 6.

Jesse phased through walls in high school.

Jesse doesn't know Zack, so clearly he joined Mutant X sometime after Shal and the thief (the guest star one) broke up. We're told that Shalimar hasn't seen him in six years, so clearly Jesse's been a team member for six years or less.

Zack says that when he knew Shalimar, she "didn't exactly wear a halo."

Proxy Blue has a search function. A very flirty one.

Mason's favorite composer is Henry Purcell. The fact that Adam knows this is candy for the slashers.

The Dombey and Sons security firm guarding the egg is using the GSA uniforms from "In the Presence of Mine Enemies."

When Jesse phases, he can go through security lasers. Also, when he’s phased, his dot disappears from the Double Helix’s monitoring screen.

Emma's non-telempathic power #11: Emma actually puts the guards at Dombey and Sons to sleep and assures Jesse that they won't remember anything when the wake up. This is pre-mind blast, mind you.

Jesse: "There’s a DNA strand that controls free will?"
Took the words right out of my mouth, man.

The following quote should be considered with the conversation between Shalimar and Lexa in "Divided Loyalties":
Emma: Maybe [Zack]'s changed. People do ya know. Look at Brennan. Or me.
Shalimar: Okay, I'll give you that.

Zack calls it "pop," not "soda." (or the Southern generic "coke"). I wonder where he's from.

Brennan's being protective of Shalimar. And so it begins. Not that she needs protection. She walks in and starts kicking ass.

Jesse is big on cutting things close. Dude, if Brennan tells you to get out of there, you listen.

Artie really is lacking in foresight. The only reason he managed to stop Zack the first time was because he had tasers and Mutant X showed up. So why does he only bring 2 guys again to Zack’s motorcycle shop?

Shalimar says that she doesn’t trust Zack. How come he gets to ride his own motorcycle to Sanctuary without a visual cloak?

Why are Brennan and Emma still waiting in the Double Helix over Dombey and Sons while Artie’s breaking in? Did they drop Jesse off at Sanctuary and come back? It looks as though Emma hasn’t changed her position in hours.

Since Adam’s at Sanctuary, why does he ask Brennan to send him the surveillance scans from The Double Helix? Jesse was just looking at them five minutes ago on Sanctuary’s computer. Besides, we know that Adam can patch into the Double Helix computer himself–he did so in “Kilohertz.”

Mason is evil! Surely the GSA could spring for a lawyer, and you know with brains like his, Artie's not gonna last long in prison.

I think the security card that Brennan tosses Jesse through the laser web is really a credit card. Hope whoever it belonged to got a new number.

The security card gets tossed before Jesse phases, yet he reaches the ground before it does. Doesn’t gravity still work when Jesse’s phased?

What precisely did they need Zack for? Couldn't Brennan have just zapped the safe open in the first place? The GSA seem to have gotten in just fine.

How did Zack open the egg to grab the chip during his butterfingers routine? It seemed slightly more complex than picking a pocket. And why is Jesse giving him the egg anyway?

Why does Emma have to wait to meet them at the safehouse? Huh?

Why does Shalimar keep smooching Zack even when she knows he's a prick? She can so do better.

Dude, Eckhart could've sold the now not-so-scientifically-valuable egg. There was no reason to smash it. (Well, drama, I guess.)

Ep Tally. Topless Brennan: 0 Adam Kisses: 0 Freak mentions: 1 Food intake: 2 sausage and pepper sandwiches (Brennan and Jesse) and Japanese takeout

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