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Explosive Devices

Explosive bullet. In "In Between," Dr. Ken Harrison Jesse Kilmartin's body even when massed, and could be remotely detonated. Once inside of him, the bullet used a proton coupler to link itself to Jesse's nervous system. This allowed it to use Jesse's abilities to phase itself, making it impossible to remove surgically.

Explosive necklace. This device, worn around the neck of a victim like Megan Morrison in "One Step Closer," could be detonated remotely, if touched, or if it sensed that it had been removed from the electrostatic impulses given off by the wearer's body.

Explosive wrist gun. An assassination tool of the elite Blue Bolt ring, this weapon emitted heat-sensored bullets and was strapped to the assassin's hand with an unbreakable lock. If the gun was not fired in a certain amount of time, it would self-destruct, taking off the wearer's arm. Shalimar Fox was forced to wear one in "Within These Walls."

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