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Details: One of the four categories of new mutants is ferals. Feral new mutants have animal DNA spliced into their own, giving each feral some of that animal's characteristics.'s feral subtypes: feline (cat, lion, etc.), ursine (bear), canine (dog, wolf, etc.), porcine (boar, hog, etc.), cervine (deer), reptus (lizard, snake, etc.), amphibian (frog, etc.), piscis (fish).

On the Mutant X team, Shalimar Fox is a feline feral with glowing cat's eyes. She has enhanced senses of smell, sight, and touch; because of her enhanced hearing, loud sounds can cause her to have migraines. Her heightened strength and reflexes allow her to make magnificent leaps and powerful combat moves. Like all feline ferals, Shalimar is very territorial and has an intense fear of fire. More about Shalimar Fox is here.

Other ferals who have appeared in the series: Amphibian Tina Benedict, feline Dr. Richard Saunders, feline Donna Morse, feline Lt. Beau Longstreet, feline Sgt. Angel Dorn, feline Cpl. Clark Randall, canine Aldous Berkley, amphibian Lena Blake, scorpion Lorna Templeton, canine Nathaniel Block, ursine Michael Ward, feline Amanda Terry, feline Nikki Rogers, reptus (lizard) Eckhart's accomplice, lupine Terra, feline Gia DuChamps, arachnid The Guardian, feline Kara Whitely.

From My Friend's Bookstore: Dracula
Good evening, Ferals. This is a site dedicated to daily maintenance of our particular needs as animal hybrids. Exterior and interior issues are covered. So recline, snack on a rare roast beef sandwich and prowl through these pages. We know how to stroke you the right way.

Felines. Sharper is not always better. Latest research shows that those of you with finger or toe claws (even retractable ones) stand more risk of infections, disease and nail breakage by over-filing yourselves. Razor-like sharpness may have its surface advantages, but ultimately, it is the force behind any swipe that determines its effectiveness. In other words, work your biceps and let nature punch the holes for you.

Ursine Males. Trimming seems to be a recurring problem here. The bear in your bloodstream just doesn't adapt well to this grooming habit, resulting in stump-like ends or neglected spikes. Give your macho egos a rest and invest some money in regular manicure appointments. There is a list of New Mutant friendly veterinarians and industrial manicurists nationwide available through this site. They are all discreet. Check them out, big guys. We'd like to be able to shake your hand without drawing back a bloody stub.

Reptilians. If venom sacs keep you away from a dentist's chair, here is good news. Adam of Mutant X has developed a temporary detoxin that will safely "dry up" your poisonous ducts for approximately four hour periods (ala a commercial sinus medicine). These tablets are available through this site or any Mutant X Lives outlet. So, get your teeth cleaned without taking the life of your hygienist. It's your right.
General. Most of us have some type of fang to deal with. Regular brushing and dental checks are not only sound but also a health must. Oversized and specifically curved toothbrushes, anti-germ/saliva controlling paste polish and gum flossing (especially for retractables) need to be implemented from childhood. It is our animal nature to ignore these regiments so our human sides take charge. Detailed instructions and even personally designed fang care routines have long been a stable of "Dracula". USE THEM. Do not let your teeth tip off Genomex to who you are.

Felines. See sharpening notes in CLAW CARE. Same rules apply. Leave the bloody predator punctures to the average human and rise above them.

Cervines. REMOVAL IS NOT THE ANSWER. There is a recent disturbing trend among Cervine Feral youths to remove their antlers. While we sympathize with the visible liability of having horns, the hazards of this self-mutilation cannot be over-emphasized. Not only is lethal infection assured but also permanent damage to equilibrium, balance and mental health. Embrace your deer heritage and trust that some day a solution will be found that allows you to be seen. Holo-bands worn round the forehead have had promising results. They render most antlers invisible and allow a measure of public interaction provided contact is not too close. This is but one method being perfected by dedicated New Mutant scientists. We will not rest until we get you out of the woods, Cervines. Do not harm yourselves in the meantime.

Renowned Scottish chef Angus Cameron has recently put out a collection of recipes entitled, "A Taste of Red". It is packed with meat dishes that should satisfy even the bloodthirstiest of Ferals (many prepared with raw ingredients). Copies are available through this site at a discount or, if you can't wait for delivery, check out the cooking section of your local bookstore. Cameron's Black Clot Pie (pg. 104) could sate a month's worth of temptation alone.

Our sister site, "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" offer 24 hour consoling to all Ferals who feel the pull of the moon a bit too strongly. Carnal carnage is a common concern and can be controlled (or at least tempered in the case of most Canines). Don't be lost in lust. Give Alice a try.

All input from veterinarians, dental technicians and New Mutant experts is welcome and will be posted. Please keep subject matter to the physical categories listed and post all other Feral concerns to "Call of the Wild".

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