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Fetko, Sandy

Sandy Fetko -- Played by Jessica Greco

Sandy Fetko.

First Appearance: "Shadows of Darkness."

Quote: Sandy: "He's not a bad person. He's just...broken."
Shalimar: "We're all a little broken from time to time."

Details: The agoraphobic Sandy Fetko had the room next to entymophobe Johnny Cummings when they were both children in the Project IET study at St. Pastor's Hospital. After their horrific daily injections with cortisol to increase their fear responses, Sandy would sing "Hush Little Baby" to Johnny for hours until he fell asleep. Though Johnny was himself badly burned in the fire which killed the other children in the psych ward, Johnny helped his friend Sandy escape. 15 years later, Shalimar Fox and Jesse Kilmartin brought Sandy back to St. Pastor's to convince Johnny not to exact revenge upon the woman responsible for Project IET, Dr. Denise Willett. She was able to save Dr. Willett's life, but Johnny used his psionic abilities to give the police the slip. He gave Sandy one last farewell wave before returning to the hospital's basement to commit suicide.

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