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Fool for Love

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Fool for Love: Episode #104

Tag: Shalimar falls for a research scientist who has developed a serum to reverse genetic mutations. [Transcript]

Cast & Crew: Written by David L. Newman; Directed by T.J. Scott
Claudia Besso....Karen Bell
Yannick Bisson....Richard Saunders
Tony Curtis Blondell....Drunken Guy
Desmond Campbell....Bouncer
Monique Ganderton....Donna Morse
Lauren Jordan....Bartender
Jake Simons....Jack Mitchell

Official Synopsis: Adam (John Shea) assigns Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) to meet new mutant Donna Morse (Monique Ganderton), also a feral, to ease her transition into the underground for protection from the GSA. When Donna arrives, she informs Shalimar that she's changed her mind and rushes off to meet her date for the evening, Jack Mitchell (Jake Simons). Later that evening, Donna is suddenly overcome by a wave of sickness. Jack becomes terrified and confused as he watches her face transform into a mask of feral rage and pain. With a lightning-quick swipe, Donna sends Jack sprawling before bounding over a high gate nearby. Meanwhile at Genomex, Eckhart (Tom McCamus) is approached by Karen Bell (Claudia Besso), an auditor. She informs him that she has come across several anomalies, indicating unauthorized research is being conducted in Genomex labs. She assures Eckhart that she will be able to close in on the culprit by monitoring Genomex's computer activity. When Shalimar tells Adam that Donna has taken off, Adam sends her to Donna's apartment. Finding nobody home, Shalimar slips inside through an open second story window and comes face to face with tall, dark and handsome Richard Saunders (Yannick Bisson), about to hit her with a lamp. As she blocks his attack, her animal reflexes kick in, and a fight ensues. Their struggle soon gives way to a powerful mutual attraction, and they quickly realize they are both ferals. Richard explains he is there to give Donna a treatment. Before he can go into detail, the two are forced to flee at the sound of approaching sirens. Once outside, Shalimar follows Richard around a corner, but he suddenly vanishes. Back at Sanctuary, Adam and Shalimar discover that Richard works as a research associate at Genomex. In search of answers, Shalimar enters Genomex undercover, finding Richard who reveals that he has developed a serum to reverse genetic mutations. He explains that the treatment realigns the genetic code, causing all traces of mutancy to disappear, and that he has been administering the serum to Donna. A security warning suddenly flashes on his computer, indicating that someone has broken into his files. He and Shalimar take off, managing to overpower the two GSA agents arriving on the scene with Karen, who is furious to discover that all of Richard's files have been deleted. Richard and Shalimar head back to Donna's apartment where they finally acknowledge their strong feelings for each other. Richard reveals he has been injecting himself with the serum and suggests that Shalimar may also want treatment so they can share a normal life. Hesitant, Shalimar brings a vial of the blue serum to Sanctuary for Adam to evaluate. Before he can warn her that the serum creates uncontrolled DNA breakdown, she decides she wants to be with Richard and takes an injection. At Genomex, Karen informs Eckhart that during a Jane Doe autopsy, unidentifiable DNA was found that was believed to be purposely altered. Eckhart orders the body to be transferred to the lab for examination. At the same time, Adam, Jesse (Forbes March) and Brennan (Victor Webster) hear about the unidentified victim. Adam realizes it is Donna, concluding that the serum must have killed her. Back at Donna's apartment, Richard suddenly awakens trembling, his mutant powers taking control of him. When Shalimar takes him to Sanctuary for help, Adam reveals that his condition is fatal, but believes he can harvest Richard's bone marrow, creating a protein antigen to neutralize the small dose of serum Shalimar took. At Richard's insistence, a heartbroken Shalimar agrees to the procedure, knowing it's her only hope. Meanwhile, hope has run out for Karen, who is taken away by two of Eckhart's agents for failing to capture any new mutants or the source of the unauthorized research.

Shalimar: If I said yes to half the guys who wanted to buy me a drink, you'd be pouring me out of this meat rack.

Bar Guy: Do you believe in love at first sight? Or should I walk by again?
Shalimar: Yeah. Only this time, don't stop.

Emma: I thought I’d work out with you guys.
Brennan, Well, these are physical exercises, Emma, not mental ones.
Emma: So? I can be just as physical as you.
Jesse: Yeah, I mean, when it comes to bending spoons with your mind, you’ve got us beat, but...
Brennan: We just don’t want you to get hurt, that’s all.

Emma: Ahem. Try to play nice, hm, boys?

Dr. Richard Saunders: Donna and I have a standing appointment.
Shalimar: Really? You a married man?
Richard: No, nothing like that. I’ve been treating her.
Shalimar: To what?
Richard: You’re good.
Shalimar: Obviously.

Shalimar: Believe me, Adam. My brain had nothin' to do with what went on back there.
Adam: Of course it did. You found yourself in a highly charged situation. The dopamine and phenylethylamine released in your brain created a euphoria. Simultaneously, the norepinephrine triggered an adrenaline release, which stimulated flushed cheeks, heavy breathing, sweaty palms, and this sudden shift probably triggered a limbic system takeover allowing reduced integration of your cortex, resulting in feelings of infatuation.
Shalimar: Whatever. It was hot!

Mason: The GSA's criteria for determining guilt is rather less stringent then you'll find out there.

Emma: Thought I'd see if you needed any help.
Jesse: Thanks Emma, but uh, I think we're doing fine on our own.
Emma: Ah. So what did you find out?
Brennan: Bartender's free tomorrow night.

Mason: To work in the big leagues, you have to do your homework and know who you're dealing with.
Karen Bell: Mr. Eckhart, obviously you weren't aware that Richard Saunders was a new mutant either! [quickly] I have information from his files.
Mason: Are you trying to win me over again, Ms. Bell?

Richard Saunders: I'm using their technology to come up with a cure.
Shalimar: A cure? Richard, it's not an illness. It's a state of being.
Richard: A state of being which sets us apart.
Shalimar: Makes us special.
Richard: Don't you ever get tired of being special? Don't you ever long for a normal life?
Shalimar: Sometimes. But not now.

Jesse: You know, that’s twice she’s done that. Think she’s trying to tell us something?
Brennan: Uh, yeah. And I’m beginning to hear her loud and clear.

Adam: The Chinese say wait three days before you make a big decision.

Emma: Apology accepted.
Jesse: Huh?
Emma: I accept your apology for your obnoxious attitude earlier.
Jesse: You know, you should allow me to apologize for myself before you--
Emma: No, you wouldn’t have done it nearly as quickly as I did it for you.

Brennan: I've got 2-1 odds and 100 bucks that says Shalimar's not going to go through with it. Anybody?
Jesse: You know, this is the most important decision of her life. How could you be so cold?
Brennan: Even odds?
Jesse: You're on.
Emma: You're shaving points?
Brennan: What? It's not a basketball game, Emma.
Emma: Then maybe it's time you stopped treating it like one.

Mason: I’m always impressed with how comforting death looks.

Mason: You’re a bureaucrat, Karen, not a GS agent.
Karen Bell: I think I’ve proven to you that I’m a lot more than an auditor, sir.
Mason: Leading a GSA raid is much more complex than chasing down some wayward data on a computer.
Karen: It’s about strategy, determination, and a coldhearted will to succeed. All of which I possess.
Mason: Oh, all right, Miss Bell. Take your best shot.
Karen: You won't regret this, Mr. Eckhart.
Mason: I just hope you don't.

Shalimar: Back off! I’ll tear you apart.
Emma: She warned you.

Trivia & Nitpicks: This episode's title, "Fool for Love," comes from Shalimar's explanation to Adam for wanting to waltz into Genomex alone to find Richard: "What can I say? I'm a fool for love."

Karen Bell and Mason Eckhart are the only non-mutants podded in the series...that we know of.

Adam mentions the feral sisterhood.

New tool in Sanctuary’s computer: A 3-D profile generator Adam uses to create a picture of Richard from Shalimar’s description.

Emma's non-telempathic powers #3 and #4: Emma can pull out things from memories that people don't know they have, like the license plate number from the bouncer at Donna Morse's club. She also somehow manages to mentally give Jesse a very physical whack upside the head. Telempath, my ass.

Notable guest star: Desmond Campbell, the actor who plays the bouncer in this episode, pops up again as the alien Brak in "Sign from Above."

Adam says that the reason Donna’s name kept appearing in Genomex’s scanner was because Richard was treating her. But Richard’s experiments were hidden until Karen turned them up, so why’s her name showing up on the scanner prior to that?

Real life science issues:
1) Research associates are usually sub-PhD level scientists.
2) Someone should tell Saunders that not closing his lab coat is as bad as not wearing it. Big splash zone in the middle.

Why must Emma convince Brennan and Jesse that a psionic might be good to have with you during an interrogation? That should be pretty self-evident.

Shalimar and Richard have sex in Donna’s bed before they know for sure that she won’t be coming back. Ew.

Adam says that the first symptom of illness from Richard’s serum is loss of control over mutant abilities. Yet that never seems to happen to Richard.

Semi-fashion victim: Emma's tight outfit doesn't seem as bad when it's not shiny.

Ep Tally. Topless Brennan: 1 (And Shalimar for good measure) Adam Kisses: 0 Freak mentions: 0 Food intake: 0

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