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Fortier, Morgan

Morgan Fortier -- Played by Karen LeBlanc.

Morgan Fortier.

Mutant Type: Psionic (Telekinetic).

First Appearance: "A Breed Apart."

Quote: Gabriel: "Any regrets about leaving the GSA? Seems to me you had a good thing going under Eckhart."
Morgan: "What good's that compared to the good we can do?"
Gabriel: "Save it for the ones who believe in fairy tales. I read you like a book, and I'm not talking about psionics."
Morgan: "In that case, you know exactly what's on my mind."

Details: Morgan was the GS agent who released Gabriel Ashlocke from his stasis pod at Genomex. Mason Eckhart assigned her to capture and bring Gabriel back to Genomex, but she joined The Strand instead, helping Gabriel recruit new mutant Links for his renegade band of new mutants, The Strand. She had hoped to become Gabriel's right hand woman in his new world order, but his womanizing tendencies did not support her desires. After she aided Gabriel in his successful quest to take over Genomex, Morgan was never mentioned again.

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