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06 January 2016 @ 12:07 am
Foster, Daniel  

Daniel Foster (left) -- Played by Jack Langedijk

Daniel Foster.

First Appearance: "The Grift."

Quote: Daniel: "I've got this election sewn up."
Stephan: Not if that disk goes public."
Daniel: "It won't. C'mon, this girl is no Erin Brokovich, believe me."

Details: Senate hopeful Daniel Foster and his campaign backer Stephan Bailey were headed toward a Congressional seat when Daniel’s lover, Becky Dolan, threw a wrench in the works by stealing his briefcase containing a disk listing his illegal campaign contributors. In order to retrieve the disk, Stephan sent his army of QJ-14s after Becky -– Black Ops who were technically dead, but in whom Stephan had implanted limited brain function so that he could control them remotely. Daniel, freaked out by the QJ-14s, attempted to withdraw from the partnership, so Stephan murdered him.

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