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Fox, Nicholas

Nicholas Fox -- Played by Eugene Robert Glazer

Nicholas Fox.

First Appearance: "Lest He Become."

Quote: Shalimar: "Surprised you haven’t moved into genetic research. You know, modified grains, that sort of thing."
Nicholas: "That’s a science that betrayed me once. I have no interest in giving it another chance."

Details: Shalimar Fox's estranged father Nicholas was the CEO of Naxcon Corporation. In an attempt to calm her wild feral side, Nicholas placed the 10 year old Shalimar in a psychiatric ward, where she was severely beaten. Shalimar was able to fight her way out of the hospital once her powers grew stronger, but her resentment of Nicholas prevented her from contacting him for years. Nicholas struck a deal with Mason Eckhart to 'cure' his daughter's new mutancy in exchange for providing him with money and the use of his research laboratories. As soon as he learned that Mason was using these resources to create an army of made-to-order mutants, Nicholas opened the building's steam valves so that the building would be destroyed.

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