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06 January 2016 @ 12:09 am
Freeman, Captain Martin  

Captain Martin Freeman -- Played by Hardee T. Lineham

Captain Martin Freeman.

First Appearance: "Reawakening."

Quote: Martin: "I’ve worked this freezing slice of hell my whole life. Pulled things up from the sea that look like they came from another planet, but nothing like that. It’s been bad luck from the start."

Details: Captain Martin Freeman and his crewmen became increasingly jittery when bad luck ensued after Dr. Louise Koby brought her Protocanth specimen onto their arctic freighter: communications malfunctioned while the ship became mired in its surrounding ice, and the wench lifting the specimen aboard almost bisected a man. Unfortunately, the beast awakened during Martin’s preparations to throw it overboard, sucking the captain dry before going after the rest of the crew.

Hardee T. Lineham