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Friemark, Hector

Hector Friemark -- Played by David Hewlett

Hector Friemark.

Mutant Type: Molecular (Explosions).

First Appearance: "The Taking of Crows."

Quote: Hector: "Sara, I know you’re hurting, but we are so close. Now, I’m out there trying to run a business. Now, you give me the formula, and I’ll have the money get you out of this place."
Dr. Stanton: "Don’t give me that. If you wanted me out of this place, you could’ve blown up half the prison by now."

Details: Hector was a research subject in Dr. Sara Stanton's Genomex lab, where she was developing the drug DXL to control new mutant aggression. Sara herself became addicted to the drug, and she and Hector began a romantic affair which evolved into a business partnership. After she was arrested for drug trafficking, Hector promised to get her out of jail, but instead hired the inmate Ruth Martinez to "protect" and keep Sara in prison so that he could horde the profits for himself. Tired of waiting for Hector's aid, Sara escaped with Lexa Pierce and confronted Hector at gunpoint. As Hector attempted to grab the gun, Sara threw a DXL block in his face, causing him to lose control of his mutant abilities. The sparks he emitted ignited a warehouse explosion which killed them both.

Trivia: Hector must have a strange genetic makeup, for he is supposedly a molecular, though all of the other fire-emitting mutants in Mutant X are elementals.

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