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Fries, Pamela

Pamela Fries -- Played by Larissa Laskin

Pamela Fries.

Mutant Type: Elemental (Thermal).

First Appearance: "Lazarus Syndrome."

Quotes: What do you want, sympathy? You filthy parasitic freak.

Details: Pamela could alter her body temperature to high enough to boil water or low enough to freeze it. Because of her expertise in the criminal mind, Mason Eckhart assigned her to stop Caleb Mathias’s murderous rampage. Pamela ran Caleb over with car, but he had revived by the time she went to collect his body at the morgue. He held her prisoner in his lair underneath the Red Bar, along with his other captive, Emma deLauro. Emma’s psionic images bolstered Pamela’s abilities enough for her to freeze off her metal handcuffs. When she returned to throw Emma the key to her own handcuffs, Caleb caught her and drained her life force. The GSA managed to trace Pamela's tracking device and brought her in for an autopsy...which was cut short by her life force’s restoration at Caleb’s death.

From FROM: Dr. Kenneth Harrison. TO: Agent Pamela Fries. Agent Fries, I am requesting that you donate a week of your time to my personal Research Task Group so we may further examine you in both physical and mental venues in order to extract what evidence there is to be found concerning the deceased Elemental (or possibly Molecular), Caleb Mathius. Being one of the sole pair of victims to survive his life-feeding attacks (and the only one readily accessible to Genomex) I'm certain you can see how valuable your participation in this matter would be. Please understand I am not unsympathetic to the psychological torment you would have to endure by reliving an episode of what was (for a better term) pure vampirism. Dr. Varady will be on hand to administer therapeutic aid if necessary and a certain amount of "leave time" can be negotiated after the exams if required. I would imagine, being an Elemental yourself, you would like to learn all you can about your attacker as a method of closure to the trauma. Trust that all findings would be disclosed to you, a rare privilege in any circumstance. Also know your position in the GSA would be secured, an act that has not befallen most of Mr. Eckhart's New Mutant "Seconds" who have failed in their duties. Mathius was a rare specimen whose regenerative abilities would be invaluable to us if they could be replicated. The slightest trace of his DNA may still exist in your body and mind. By volunteering for this "biological sweep" you would favorably up your current Genomex status, improving your recent "reassignment". I need not mention that I could have gone through other channels to insure your cooperation, Agent Fries, but felt this way would be most beneficial to both of us. You strike me as a sharp personality (New Mutant or not) who is capable of recognizing a choice opportunity when it presents itself. Please take a day to consider my suggestion. Response to my private secretary by noon on Thursday will be fine. Sincerely, K. Harrison

Trivia: As a mutant who can turn hot or cold, it's probably no coincidence that Pamela's name is spelled Fries, but pronounced "Freeze."

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