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The Future Revealed: Episode #205

Tag: Ashlocke threatens to destroy the Mutant X team and the entire city unless Adam finds a cure to save him. [Transcript]

Cast & Crew: Written by Mark Amato and Peter Mohan; Directed by John Bell (XI)
Jonas Chernick....Josh
Elle Downs....Vendor
Michael Easton....Gabriel Ashlocke
Sandrine Holt....Patricia
P.J. Ingram....Link #2
Joanne Kelly....Kim
Sasha Ormond....Link #1

Official Synopsis: At an oil tank farm, Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) and Brennan (Victor Webster) meet with the Link Josh (Jonas Chernick), once a devout follower of Ashlocke (Michael Easton), who has now called upon the Mutant X team for protection. Terrified, Josh asks the two to save the Links from the sick, but all-powerful Ashlocke, who has created a plan, called the "Last Testament." As they exit the facility, Josh’s voice suddenly becomes mixed with Ashlocke's and he begins shaking violently. When fireballs start shooting from Josh’s body, he slips a piece of paper into Brennan's hand. Diving to safety, Shalimar suddenly becomes trapped in a ring of fire where she sees an astral projection of Ashlocke who warns her not to foil his plans. Brennan rescues her using a burst of propulsive electrical energy, which propels them into the Double Helix. At Sanctuary, Adam (John Shea) briefs the team on Ashlocke's growing control over the Links. Knowing Ashlocke is getting sicker by the day, Adam feels that they should focus on the Links rather than him. Moments later, Brennan realizes that the paper Josh slipped him is a flyer from the abandoned Club Paradiso. Meanwhile at Club Paradiso, Ashlocke speaks to a large group of Links, who listen intently as he calls them the "chosen ones." After the speech, Ashlocke tells Link Patricia (Sandrine Holt) that she is the one that will lead the Links to death when he dies. When Patricia questions her position as leader, Ashlocke hits her with a painful mental probe and she consents. Back at Sanctuary, Adam comes up with a plan to save the captive Links. Meanwhile in the media room, an astral projection of Ashlocke appears before Shalimar and takes over her thoughts. Scanning her mind, he gains top-secret information regarding the schematics and entry codes of Sanctuary. Shortly after, the team heads for Club Paradiso and Jesse (Forbes March) finds the alarm system and deactivates it while Shalimar and Brennan attack the guards. The Mutant X team then searches the premises for rebel mutants, unaware that Patricia is observing them from a hiding place. Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) probes the building with her mind and realizes that someone was expecting them. Emma’s feelings are confirmed when Links suddenly surround the team, but Patricia comes to the teams’ rescue and creates a shimmering wall of energy, which the Links cannot penetrate. The team escapes with Patricia to the Double Helix and attempts to call Adam, unaware that Ashlocke has broken into Sanctuary and taken Adam hostage. At Sanctuary, Ashlocke orders Adam to help keep him alive. Meanwhile, the team returns to Sanctuary only to learn that Ashlocke altered all the alarm codes and they are locked out. They are able, however, to gain video feed from inside and they listen in as Ashlocke speaks of the catastrophic event that will occur if Adam refuses to save him. Outside, Emma tries to gain information about Ashlocke's plan from Patricia, but she claims to know nothing. Emma and Shalimar take Patricia closer to the city to prepare for Ashlocke’s threats. Meanwhile inside the lab, Adam works furiously to find a cure for the ailing mutant, who promises not to destroy the city if he lives. Back at the club, Shalimar and Emma try to make Patricia see how dangerous Ashlocke is, but she still remains silent about the "Last Temptation." Suddenly Ashlocke appears as an astral projection and invades Patricia's mind causing her intense pain. Releasing her, he tells her it’s all up to her now and she escapes to fulfill his plan. When Shalimar and Emma radio the others to let them know Patricia’s escaped, Jesse suddenly realizes that Ashlocke’s plan is to use Patricia's powers to create a bomb. Still trying to get inside Sanctuary, Jesse and Brennan get a clue from Adam over the Helix's message indicator. Jesse phases himself and Brennan through the spot Adam marked on the map. Meanwhile in the lab, Adam has found the cure, but Brennan and Jesse enter the lab just as Adam is about to give Ashlocke the serum. When they try to stop him, Ashlocke grabs Adam by the neck and forces him to administer the hypodermic needle. Ashlocke writhes in pain, but comes out of it quickly. Confident he can now complete his plan, Ashlocke becomes infuriated when Adam informs him that the serum was a fake. With only seconds left, Ashlocke focuses all of his energy on Patricia who is attached to a large transformer in a power plant in preparation to blow up the city. Shalimar and Emma plead with Patricia to stop and after a few moments, she takes back control of her mind and releases her grip. Enraged, Ashlocke's body begins to break into spinning molecules and the lab explodes just as Adam, Jesse, and Brennan escape to safety. Later at Sanctuary, Adam reminds the team that even though Ashlocke is dead, they haven’t seen the end of his legacy by a long shot.

Shalimar: Well, you can’t blame him for being careful. Considering how Ashlocke treats his friends, I don’t even want to know what he’d do to a defector.
Brennan: You know what? Before you bring out your violin, let’s just remember that nobody actually forced the Links to give themselves over to Ashlocke.
Shalimar: Really? Sure about that?

Josh: I don’t know what happened. It used to be about all of us working together, you know? Now it’s just all about Gabriel.
Brennan: Imagine that.

Gabriel: We have built something here the world has never seen before. We have a power that never existed before. Love, devotion, and a loyalty to our own kind that society couldn’t even dream of. You are the chosen ones. You are the ones that are gonna reach out there and grab the destiny that was built inside your genetic structure. Because the ones that are running it now, well they’re only about greed and votes and weakness. But we’re gonna change all that. Because it’s our turn in the big chair. No more running and hiding. We’re the main attraction, top of the bill. 'Cause we can make miracles happen. The kind of miracles that make people want to stand up and cheer. The kind of miracles that will keep down anybody that stands up against us. What’s coming next is gonna take all your strength and courage. So get ready, boys and girls. One way or another, destiny is only a breath away.

Gabriel: I hate it when people say no to me.

Shalimar: He was here again.
Emma: Honey, I don’t see anything.
Shalimar: Yeah well, I didn’t see him either, but I know he was here. Isn’t there something you can do? I mean there must be something you can do to keep him out of my head.
Emma: He can get to you, but ultimately, it’s your mind. You can fight him, you just have to stay on guard.
Shalimar: That’s just great.

Adam: Shalimar, the mission is to save The Links, not to take out Ashlocke.
Shalimar: Look, Adam. I know you feel some kind of responsibility for that maniac, but your dog is rabid, and it’s your repsonsibility to put him down. And maybe your conscience has a problem with that, but I assure you, my conscience is fine with it.

Emma: You were pretty hard on Adam back there.
Shalimar: Well, Ashlocke’s not pulling any punches, and we can’t afford to either.
Emma: Don’t confuse Adam’s compassion for weakness.
Shalimar: Well, I judge people by their actions. And Adam, as far as Ashlocke’s concerned, I don’t know which way he’s gonna jump sometimes.

Emma: Something’s wrong.
Shalimar: We were expected.
Jesse: Oh, it’s a trap.
Shalimar: No kidding!

Gabriel: I’m sorry. Adam is busy right now. But you can leave a message after the beep. Beeep.

Brennan: How the hell did Ashlocke get into Sanctuary? He shouldn’t even be able to find it.
Jesse: So much for impregnable.
Brennan: No. Ashlocke is powerful, man, he’s not that powerful. He had to have had the access codes.
Shalimar: Yeah well, with Ashlocke, nothing’s impossible. He could be listening to us right now, for all we know.
Emma: I’d know.
Shalimar: No, you wouldn’t know! He’s been one step ahead of us the whole time. Adam should’ve taken him out when he had the chance, but he didn’t want to go there, and now look where it’s got him!

Gabriel: Kimmy, I want you to meet Adam. He’s the one that we have to thank for everything. He’s the man who made us who we are. He kept me in a pod most of my life. You know, all those years, my mind was fully alert. It was like being buried alive. And now that I’m out, I want to keep on living. And I need you to help me do that.

Shalimar: You know, Brennan, it’s not opening. You might want to slow down.

Adam: I can’t keep you alive.
Gabriel: You can’t, or you won’t?
Adam: Both.
Gabriel: You did this to me! You made me like this! What, now you’re just gonna let me die? What kind of monster are you?
Adam: Can’t help.

Brennan: When Adam said Sanctuary was impregnable, I didn’t think he meant impregnable from us.

Gabriel: You can’t afford too many more failures, Adam. Hell, even Dr. Frankenstein had a better track record.

Shalimar: Look, he’s planning on wiping out an entire city.
Patricia: He doesn’t want us to be alone.
Shalimar: So if he dies, everybody dies?
Patricia: He loves us.
Shalimar: No, he doesn’t. All he’s offering you and the others is death.

Gabriel: Your precious Mutant X. What happens when their genes start spinning out of control? Have you even told them yet? Of course not. Hey, keep playing God, Adam. It’s only their lives on the line.
Adam: I was trying to save lives. Gene technology seemed a way to make that happen.
Gabriel: Oh, please. Gene tech was just the latest toy all the scientists were dreaming about. You were years ahead of the rest of the world, and you got drunk on all the things you thought you could do with it. You didn’t even think about the crimes you were committing.
Adam: I was a doctor. I was concerned about the suffering I saw every day: MS, AIDS, heart disease, diabetes, not using gene technology to try to help people would have been the crime. Now, look, I’m very sorry for what happened to you. I truly am. But I’ve worked for years to try to make it right.
Gabriel: You don’t have years anymore, Adam. You’ve got hours.

Jesse: It’d be just like him to put a back door on the security codes, hm?
Brennan: Huh. I’ve got a feeling this is about more than just breaking into Sanctuary. I think you want to beat Adam’s unbeatable system.
Jesse: Well, why not? Might make him notice me, huh?
Brennan: What are you talking about, man? You’ve been in everybody’s face since the get-go.
Jesse: I meant, make him notice I’ve changed. I’m not the same kid he took pity on.
Brennan: Well, I hate to say it, but I don’t think Adam’s the one who’s got questions about you being grown up, Jess.
Jesse: Whatcha saying?
Brennan: I’m saying you’re thinking too much. C’mon, you’ve proven yourself 20 times over, at least. Now if you want Adam to think you’re an adult or a leader, I don’t know, a space alien. Whatever it is. You’ve got to feel comfortable with it. ‘Cause once you’re comfortable with it, everyone else will accept it.
Jesse: All comes pretty easy for you, huh?
Brennan: Yeah right, you should have seen me ten years ago. I almost electrocuted anyone who got within 20 feet of me. You think you’re screwed up? I didn’t even know what species I was.

Adam: If this doesn’t work, are you still planning on destroying the city?
Gabriel: I didn’t ask for this, Adam. The power. The sickness.
Adam: I never gave up on you.
Gabriel: I’m sure you didn’t. You knew what I was like and still you tried to help me. If the situations had been reversed, I’d have killed you. You know, I always sort of thought of you as my real father, Adam.
Adam: You know, it doesn’t have to be like this, Gabriel. If this procedure works, you can do anything. You can go anywhere you want to go.
Gabriel: A second chance. I like the sounds of that. Can you give me a second chance, Adam?

Gabriel: Well, I can’t say that in my short time back I haven’t experienced all of the emotions. Love, hate, anger, and now fear. Gotta admit, I could’ve taken a pass on the last one.
Adam: We’re all afraid of dying. It’s how we deal with it that defines who we are.

Emma: Patricia, you’ve got to shut him out.
Patricia: I can’t.
Shalimar: Yes, you can. He’s in my head too, but I’m fighting him.
Patricia: He’s in our minds because he loves us.
Shalimar: He gets into your head and makes you do things that you don’t want to do. That’s not love, that’s rape!

Gabriel: Well, that certainly feels better. Congratulations, Adam. I feel like a new mutant. There’s a reward. I’ll kill you last.
Adam: No, no. Don’t bother. He won’t be killing anybody.
Gabriel: Oh, I won’t? You can’t be naive enough to think that you could trust me.
Adam: No, but you were naive enough to think that I’d actually allow you to go on killing.
Gabriel: The serum.
Adam: It never worked.
Gabriel: But I saw the results.
Adam: You thought you did. Trust me.

Gabriel: Wait! I’m not finished!

Emma: It must have been hard for you. We know how you felt about Ashlocke.
Adam: Yeah well, you know, I really did try to help him over the years. In the end I just didn’t have a choice.
Shalimar: Well, I gotta tell ya. It feels pretty good knowing I’m the only one left inside my head.
Brennan: Well, it may be good for you, but it worries the rest of us, though.
Adam: So, how’s Patricia?
Emma: She’s in pain. I think she loved him right till the end.
Brennan: What about the Links, Adam? What’s gonna happen to them, now?
Adam: Well, hopefully some of them will drift into normal lives, you know? I’m just afraid that a lot of them are gonna be infected by his influence.
Jesse: Now there’s a lovely thought.
Adam: Well, let’s not kid ourselves. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of his legacy. Not by a long shot.

Trivia & Nitpicks: Gabriel can project his voice through his followers. Even for a powerful psionic, that's a pretty neat trick.

By sheer coincidence, Emma’s parents used to go dancing at the very Meow Club that Gabriel decides to take over as a stronghold for The Links.

Sanctuary’s outer door is only 8 inches thick, but Jesse can’t phase through because of an electrical forcefield. There is, however, an area of the mountain where the original caves extend almost to the mountain’s wall. Since The Dominion presumably helped Adam build Sanctuary, their knowledge of this weakness might have served them well in The Assault...had they been paying attention.

Jesse’s monitoring the action up in the Helix, yet he waits for Brennan's call to rescue Shalimar and Brennan. Wouldn’t the entire place erupting in fire be indicative of something not quite right?

This episode has the only other impervious molecular besides Jesse. There’s no indication that this one can also phase, though, and he seems kind of dumb. Instead of letting Brennan kick his ass with martial arts, why doesn’t he knock Brennan out with a single massed punch? As one of Gabriel’s people, nothing’s keeping him from being unsportsman-like.

Unless one of The Links can block the mutant abilities of others, it doesn’t make sense that a whole posse of Links is able to sneak up on a feral with eyes in the back of her head and a psionic who can sense people from a half a mile away. Especially since Shalimar and Emma are already on the alert for a possible trap.

About to crash into Sanctuary, Brennan says Sanctuary’s defense shield is jamming the Helix’s controls so he can’t change the Helix’s course. Just a hint, guys, it would have been nice if Mutant X had remembered this little trick when the Dominion’s helicopters attacked Stormking Mountain in “The Assault.”

In “Past as Prologue,” Adam developed a treatment for Gabriel using DNA he got from a tissue Jesse found; here, he tells Gabriel he can’t find a cure without a blood sample. Either he’s stalling for time, or he never really intended to cure Gabriel the first time around.

The microscope Adam’s using to look at Gabriel’s blood looks quite a bit like the one his younger self was using in “Time Squared.” Did he steal it from Genomex for sentimental reasons? Presumably there have technical advances in microscopes since 1978....

Brennan looks scandalized on learning that Adam’s made Sanctuary impermeable to them as well as everyone else. His surprise seems out of place here, given that Adam made a force-field capable of trapping them in the dojo in “Altered Ego.”

Gabriel was doing well until he perpetrated Bad Guy Foul-Up #1, revealing the nefarious plot of doom too soon so that the heroes had an opportunity to foil it. Mason will do the same in “Lest He Become”...leading to the obvious conclusion that spending time in a pod disables your ability to keep vitally important things to yourself.

Patricia explains that her barriers slow down electrons, but when Shalimar hits the barrier in frustration, her hand bounces back as though it were actually a physical shield.

There’s a good five minutes after Adam injects Gabriel where he’s lying unconscious on the biobed. Why are Brennan, Jesse, and Adam standing idly by waiting for him to wake up? That might be a good time to strengthen his sedative, give him a subdermal governor (Adam implied that there were some in Sanctuary in “Kilohertz”), or at the very least, get the heck out of Dodge!

Kim buys a mobile for her baby at the end of the episode, leaving viewers to wonder whether hers is Gabriel’s child. Since Riley Morgan didn't include Kim as one of the four mutants whose DNA contributed to creating The Child later in "The Prophecy," either Kim's child was a different one, or she provided a surrogate womb for The Child's embryo. John Bishop mentions that The Child is supposed to be two years old in "The Prophecy" (though he looks much older).

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