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Future Shock

Future Shock

Details: In early 2002, Marvel released three one-shot Mutant X comic books which were actually based upon events in the television show. These comic books gave more background information about the characters, for example, the origins of Genomex and the infamous "Incident X," where Mason Eckhart's immune system was destroyed. Despite the fact that the comic books' release had been pushed forward from October 2001 in order to capitalize on the show's predicted popularity, both fan and reviewer reception to these one-shots was lukewarm, and no more comic books were forthcoming.

The third book in the series, "Future Shock," was about a Mutant X team mission:

Focusing on Shalimar, the most feral, savage member of the team, Claremont weaves an exciting tale that provides the group with their antithesis: a mutant with an evil agenda! As an added bonus, Marvel welcomes Paul Rivoche, formerly of WB Animation, to the hallowed halls. His stunning art and designs will leave you gasping for more, more, more Mutant X! But we've only got 42 pages, so suck it up!

Written by: Chris Claremont
Penciled and inked by: Paul Rivoche

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