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Gaumont, Col. Aaron

Colonel Aaron Gaumont -- Played by Stephen McHattie

Colonel Aaron Gaumont.

First Appearance: "Power Play."

Quote: "Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord."

Details: Colonel Aaron Gaumont lost 12 soldiers during a secret government operation in Kyrgyzstan. On his return five years later, he vowed to raise monetary compensation for his troops by selling the radioactive compound xiraxium to foreign countries. Knowing that only Jesse Kilmartin could phase through the reactor core’s thick walls to extract the xiraxium, Gaumont lured Mutant X to the Twin Creeks Newport nuclear power plant by planting a bomb which would put the plant into meltdown mode. Adam Kane uncovered Gaumont’s plot too late to prevent him from obtaining the xiraxium, but Mutant X managed to wrest it away from him before he got very far. Gaumont and his assistant, Private Sophia Taylor, were fried by their own laser security device.

From Adam's diary on Mutant X Lives: COL. AARON GAUMONT - He invaded us with as swift and well-planned execution as any of his covert operative assignments. We were all rank amateurs in his eyes. Jesse was just a soulless, living weapon for him to take, use and discard. My lack of understanding the military thought process was just as much to blame as Beverly’s initial misinformation. I must up my comprehension of the mindset in the future, however repellant it is to me.

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