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Genetic Security Agency, The (GSA)

The Genetic Security Agency (GSA)

First Appearance: "Shock of the New."

Details: After the murder of Genomex's founder, Dr. Paul Breedlove, Mason Eckhart created The Genetic Security Agency with these words:

"We have operated under covert conditions since the inception of this project. That need for secrecy has been brought home by this brutal murder. A heinous crime that was committed by a product of the program who somehow managed to break into our archive section and burn that historical landmark to the ground in the process. Genomex will not be cowed, corrupted, or coopted by these creatures. Instead, I have been mandated to create the Genetic Security Agency to protect the world from this rapacious menace. While our pure research continues, this covert force will take these anomalies into custody under a cloak of absolute secrecy."

The typical GS agent was clad in a tan overcoat over a dark business suit, drove a black SUV, and was equipped with a subdermal governor implanter, a gun or a taser in order to subdue dangerous new mutants and bring them to Genomex for placement in stasis pods for future study. The agents themselves were implanted with tracking devices in case of capture, and subdermal governors to keep them in line.

List of known GS agents:

Carl Ames ("Deadly Desire")
Lena Blake ("Presumed Guilty")
Carter ("Wages of Sin")
Charles Carter ("Brother's Keeper")dar
Delay ("Interface")
Morgan Fortier ("A Breed Apart")
Pamela Fries ("Lazarus Syndrome")
Vance Halloran ("Deadly Desire")
James Henshaw ("Lit Fuse")
Artie Hill ("Ex Marks the Spot")
Harvey Lanchester ("Dancing on the Razor")
Ledeker ("In the Presence of Mine Enemies")
Eli Lynch ("Altered Ego")
Kendra MacEvoy ("In the Presence of Mine Enemies")
Charles Marlowe ("The Meaning of Death")
Lexa Pierce ("Into the Moonless Night")
Wendy Stone ("Crime of the New Century")
Frank Thorne ("Shock of the New"/"I Scream the Body Electric")

GSA trainees & wannabes

Accountant Karen Bell ("Fool for Love")
Informant Aldous Berkley ("Whiter Shade of Pale")
Trainee Michelle Bigelow ("Interface")
Trainee Calvin Porter ("Blood Ties")
Trainee Nick Renfield ("Kilohertz")

Mason's thoughts from the former website: Genetics Security Agency Proposal
TO: Bureau Head C. Marston CC: Bureau Assts. Rawlings & Wall FROM: Genomex Security Chief M. Eckhart
Gentlemen (and Ms. Rawlings), This subject is vital enough that I will deign to jump through a few hoops to see it happens. The mutant situation worsens on a daily basis. Dr. Breedlove is not a young man any more and in any scenario his expertise and heart are in a laboratory not the world beyond. The Children of Genomex are no longer "children". They are the inheriting generation of the world and are coming into power that must be curbed if normal humanity wishes to survive. Since the backstabbing events of "X", Genomex no longer has an iron grip on the mutant population. Dr. Breedlove claims he is rebuilding the database that Adam stole, but it is slow coming and will only have a limited reach in comparison to the control we once possessed. Adam's recent movements in establishing an underground "misshapen" army also necessitate the urgency for a specialized task force (see attached Incident Reports X19-47). No one has paid the price for this rogue demagogue's actions than I, but I stress the GSA is not a personal vendetta. It's a matter of national protection and patriotic duty. As outlined in several meetings and documents before, what I need is a troop of hi-tech dogcatchers. They will dress and function as any other security team but their single goal will be controlling the mutant masses before they control us. Among these agents I will place special operatives previously as discussed. These select men and women have unique qualifications to deal directly with the dangerous nature of our desired targets. As promised, these ultra-agents will not be allowed in the field until they have undergone rigorous conditioning at Genomex. It will be similar to the rehabilitating treatments their prey will receive when apprehended. On a personal note, Mr. Marston, I need not remind you of the near tragedy concerning your daughter's fiancée that my contacts averted last month. You almost ended up with a mutant in your own family, which could have brought down everything we have built to this point (the young man is doing well, by the way, his powers subdued and attitude thriving in the usual Genomex fashion). While I do not wish to embarrass you, I can only use this incident as a harbinger of how close and lethal the mutant state of affairs is to us. We cannot let the animal acts run the circus. It's time to crack the whip. Give me my GSA and we will. Expecting Immediate Reply, M. ECKHART

Trivia: * There is some evidence that the GSA existed in some form before "Shock of the New." In "Brother's Keeper," Lexa Pierce says she worked as a GS agent in exchange for her brother's treatment in a Genomex facility. Since Mason did not officially create the GSA until the beginning of season one, this would mean that Lexa was a GS agent years before the GSA was actually formed.

* According to Riley Morgan in "The Prophecy," after the dissolution of Genomex, many GS agents went on to become members of Gabriel Ashlocke's organization The Strand. One ex-GS agent appears as a guard in the Westland Casino in "Wages of Sin."

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