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First Appearance: "Shock of the New."

Details: A secret branch of U.S. intelligence, the Genomex genetic research facility began as The Breedlove Foundation, co-founded by Dr. Paul Breedlove and his wife Dr. Eleanor Singer Breedlove. Dr. Breedlove hired many renowned scientists to work on his genetic research at Genomex, including a young Adam Kane in 1968. When Dr. Breedlove decided to go public years later with information about Genomex's role in the creation of new mutants, his chief of security Mason Eckhart had him murdered and replaced him as the head of Genomex. Genomex then became the public face of Mason's Genetic Security Agency until the first new mutant, Gabriel Ashlocke, led a hostile takeover of the facility by podding Mason. After this incident, Genomex ceased to exist as a viable organization.

Genomex, clinic 6: Thermal elemental Josh Valentine was held in clinic 6 for observation in "Crime of the New Century."

Genomex, section 9: Psionic Henry Voight's wife, the GS agent Brianna, was podded in section 9 after failing to do her duty.

Genomex, section 77: The orphan Nick Maddox was experimented upon in section 77, resulting in his becoming a new mutant assassin.

Arial view
Frontal view
The main building
The roof

The records room
Mason Eckhart's office
Mason's sterilization unit
Global television screen 1 2
The interrogation room
Dr. Richard Saunder's lab
Dr. Ken Harrison's lab
Hallway leading to stasis pods
Research laboratory
The pods in Section 9
The Re-Education Room

From Tribune Entertainment's former My Friend's Bookstore website: Genomex is a government-sanctioned facility that has the official purpose of monitoring the field of genetic sciences for the good of mankind. In truth, it is the laboratories that created all New Mutants and now operates as a force to subdue them into living weapons against enemies of state. Dr. Paul Alexander Breedlove, European DNA genius and former Nazi protégé, was recruited in the mid 1960's to head a team of scientists that would create an army of super-beings. Under the guise of a worldwide chain of medical clinics specializing in the care of birth defects, the Breedlove Institute, (subsidized by federal funds and grants from the Eleanor Singer Breedlove trust), gene-spliced thousands of embryos in unsuspecting mothers with both organic and radiated material that resulted in a new race of humans. Four species were developed: Ferals (animal fusions), Elementals (nature wielders), Moleculars (breaking the laws of nature from a molecular level) and Psionics (mentally enhanced). It was the original intention of Genomex to keep a tight rein on all its "children" as they grew to usable age. This plot was crushed by the defection of one of Dr. Breedlove's inner circle, known only as Adam. Heroically he destroyed Genomex's data and tracking base, sabotaged their current techniques and formed the underground Mutant X to combat them in future acts of malice. Genomex and the government responded by fashioning the Genetics Security Agency or GSA, a deadly task force unit designed to hunt and capture New Mutants and return them to the mother center for conditioning or scientific dissection. Headed, since the death of Dr. Breedlove, by security expert, Mason Eckhart, the GSA is based out of Genomex's main compound, a highly guarded citadel with a labyrinth of laboratories and "cold stasis" chambers. Ironically, some of their top agents are New Mutants who, for one reason or another, have chosen to turn against their own kind. GSAgents all carry hi-tech weaponry and official credentials that allow them to operate Carte Blanc in a federal capacity. They can police and investigate all situations they deem a threat and detain any suspected New Mutant or associate for questioning. It is a near guarantee that any one apprehended and brought to Genomex will not be leaving. The only line of defense against these foes is Mutant X and the Underground. Current information on the GSA, their agents, superiors and associates is available and continually updated on this site. Reports of any kind will be taken seriously and posted. "Knowing your enemy will keep you a step ahead of them."

From the former Mutant X Lives website: ...on the GENOMEX TAKEOVER
This should be a victory. Genomex as we know it is gone. It is the reason I formed Mutant X. This conclusion is what we have fought for all these years. Eckhart is finally subdued, the captured New Mutants are free and the government is no longer turning a blind eye to their own covert operation. Then…why do I feel so hollow? So unsatisfied? “It is the best of times, it is the worst of times” to paraphrase Charles Dickens. Perhaps my feelings are eclipsed by the fact that Mutant X had little or nothing to do with Genomex’s downfall. After all the confrontations, battles and stalemates it fell to a third party, an unexpected player, to take out Mason Eckhart: Gabriel Ashlocke, the original New Mutant. And he did it with such a relative ease that we looked like amateurs in comparison. Somewhere in my head must have lurked the romantic notion that my team would be the ones to break open the security gates, unlock the stasis chambers and remove the subdermal governors from all those who had been imprisoned. It was a way to balance my own guilt for putting them there, I suppose. Or perhaps it was a petty desire of my unchecked ego. Dr. Breedlove always said that was my chief Achilles heel. How I hate to admit he was right. Still, there is something else: the feeling of failure. Genomex may be a thing of the past, but Mutant X cannot rest. Ashlocke is no hero and his presence unleashed on the world could have apocalyptic repercussions. The enemy New Mutants must now face is no longer an intolerant race of human beings, but one of their own. He is a twisted prince of dark power with the combined abilities of them all to wield: Elemental, Molecular, Psionic and Feral. Ashlocke is a god in the worst sense of the word. He is Rome as it burned or the crush of Viking raiders. He is the slave trader, the senseless bloody sacrifice, the new Third Reich. And he walks among us. Eckhart almost seems preferable now. I wonder if he’s dreaming in his frozen state? Was it just I, or was our rivalry and hatred merely a front? A mask that men wear when they are too much alike. When both are capable of winning and know that only one can. And now that Mason is gone…did I win? The fact that I have to ask the question should be my answer. Genomex was just the first act in Mutant X’s drama. A prologue, even. Now we are accepted, if not publicly acknowledged, by the government. They want us on their side to fight Ashlocke…and others. There is always the threat they could turn against us again, which leaves Mutant X little choice but to play along. How ironic. We are the new GSAgents. Our mission is to protect the very forces that once hunted us like animals. The New Mutant future remains in doubt. And I am still responsible for most of it.

Trivia: * Though Genomex disappears after the first season, the set makes a few cameos in the second and third seasons.

* The Canadian R.C. Harris water plant building used to film Genomex headquarters is also used as The Center in the television series "The Pretender," in some episodes of the television show "Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal," and the headquarters of The Man in the film Undercover Brother. Websites with pictures of R.C. Harris plant:,, and

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