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07 January 2016 @ 12:10 am
Gervais, Anthony  

Anthony Gervais -- Played by Sten Eirik

Anthony Gervais

First Appearance: "A Normal Life."

Quote: Anthony Gervais: "You’re too late. All you’ll have to work with is dust."
Brennan: "You done twirling your moustache?"

Details: Dominion Council member Anthony Gervais used his knowledge of scientist Keith Burstyn’s research to hold five of his fellow council members hostage in a suspended state of animation. He killed two and captured Brennan Mulwray after the Council refused his demands for money, but Jesse Kilmartin was able to reveal his true identity. Shalimar Fox then used Keith’s reanimation process to release the hostages, and Brennan electrocuted Anthony.free hit counter