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Gonsalves, John

John Gonsalves -- Played by Peter Cockett

John Gonsalves.

First Appearance: "She's Come Undone."

Quote: John: "You should be thanking me. When Eckhart brought you to me, you were just an average operative. Under my control, you became a virtuoso of violence."
Lexa: "I disagree. [she punches him] I was never average."

Details: Dr. John Gonsalves was the Project Nine surgeon who installed Lexa Pierce’s neural implant once she attempted to leave the GSA. Years later, he reactivated the implant, forcing Lexa to murder the other three Project Nine doctors and several employees at the Maxxlon Dominion facility. Jesse Kilmartin and Adam Kane teamed up to remove the implant before Mutant X took Gonsalves down.

Peter Cockett

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