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07 January 2016 @ 12:17 am
Greg, Kristen  

Kristen Greg -- Played by Deborah Odell

Kristen Greg.

First Appearance: "Wages of Sin."

Quote: Kristen: "That's a big bet."
Brennan: "Small stakes aren't worth playing."
Kristen: "I couldn't agree more."

Details: Casino owner Kristen Greg got into the gambling circuit quite young, and quickly developed a reputation as a hard-core risk taker. The Dominion's geneticist Dominique hired her to set up an auction at her Westland Casino to auction off a dangerous prion weapon to a select group of arms dealers. Brennan Mulwray went in undercover as a gambler, romancing Kristen to distract her from Mutant X’s efforts to acquire the weapon. When Kristen blew his cover, Brennan pretended to be one of the bidders instead, “The Tiger.” All too soon, this cover was blown as well by the appearance of the real Tiger. Kristen attempted to slay Mutant X with the prion weapon, but unbeknownst to her, Shalimar Fox had previously switched its container with a harmless aerosol. Mutant X absconded with the weapon, and Kristen was called to task by an angry Dominique.

Trivia: The actress who played Kristen Greg, Deborah Odell, also played Lisa Valentine in "Crime of the New Century."

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