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Griffin, Marc

Marc Griffin -- Played by Paul Popowich

Marc Griffin.

Mutant Type: Psionic (Memory Absorption).

First Appearance: "Presumed Guilty."

Quote: Mason: "We both know you’ve pilfered Adam’s memories. How else could you frame him for murder?"
Marc: "I don’t have any memories, Mason. I didn’t frame anyone for murder either."
Mason: "Then how did you know my first name?"

Details: On their way to meet Adam Kane, Marc and his girlfriend Megan Alexander were arguing about the new mutant underground when Marc accidentally pushed Megan down a stairwell, killing her. When Adam arrived, the grief-stricken Marc absorbed his memories and attempted to convince him that Adam had actually murdered Megan with his gun. GS agent Lena Blake then captured Marc so that Mason Eckhart could force him to access Sanctuary's location from Adam's absorbed memories. Once Mason found Sanctuary, however, Emma deLauro used her psionic abilities to impersonate Megan, persuading Marc to take responsibility for her death and restore Adam's memory.

From Adam's Mutant X Lives diary: MARC GRIFFIN - Griffin harmed me in a way that few have: he destroyed my confidence. The amnesia he induced may have been the technical culprit, but I cannot shake how much of my inner core was almost sacrificed. Perhaps it’s time I sought some outside help and examined the lapses in my inner strength. Between Griffin and Charlotte Cooke, I’m seeing that my intellect, however dominant, will not carry through my buried emotional vulnerabilities. Twice it has almost destroyed Mutant X. I cannot let it happen again.

From the former website: TO: All Genomex Personnel. FROM: Special GSAgent Lena Blake. RE: Marc Griffin. By now many of you have seen the police posting that depicts Genomex foe Adam of the outlaw Mutant X, (security file #EOG00MX1H) as a wanted criminal. While we are not deluding ourselves into believing this fluke is anything but temporary, the window of opportunity it presents cannot be ignored. The New Mutant responsible for this fortunate deception is a Psionic named Marc Griffin (security file being processed). His apprehension is MANDATORY (CODE RED). All branches of Genomex are henceforth notified and put on call until he sits (unharmed) within our walls. Griffin is a telepath with the ability to induce amnesia in others and rob them of their memories. This is how we believe he framed Adam for murder. Mr. Eckhart has no illusions that this situation will not be reversed, but he feels the access Griffin now has to our number one enemy's mind must be harvested. This is a chance to end the threat of Mutant X once and for all, clearing a way for patriotic glory over blatant terrorism. As a New Mutant, myself (Reptilian Feral), I can only agree with Mr. Eckhart. Our kind must work with the government, not against them. The capture of Griffin could help Genomex change the world. All staff members are encouraged to use every resource at your disposal to seeing we succeed (evaluation of individual performances by Mr. Eckhart and myself will follow). Be warned, Griffin is an EXTREMELY DANGEROUS specimen due to the nature of his powers. Four top-rated GSAgents have fallen at his hands (survivors have been relocated to stasis pods for their lack of accomplishment). All missions are to be coordinated through myself via Mr. Eckhart's office.

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