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Guardian, The

The Guardian -- Played by Tim Burd

The Guardian.

Mutant Type: Feral (Whip Scorpion/Spider).

First Appearance: "The Prophecy."

Details: The Guardian was the member of The Strand assigned to protect Gabriel Ashlocke's successor, The Child. The Guardian was a rare form of feral, a combination of whip scorpion and spider. He had increased strength and secreted poisoned acidic mucus which was deadly to his victims. According to precog John Bishop's prophecy, The Child would not rise to power until 'two bloods were dashed,' that is, until The Guardian had murdered Nathan Reynolds and Kara Whitely, two of the four new mutant 'parents' who had contributed DNA to The Child's genetic code. Nearly indestructible, The Guardian's one weak spot was between the exoskeleton plates of his lower back. Once Shalimar Fox hit him there with a shovel, he literally melted away into a pile of goo.

From Tribune Entertainment's former website: Research Memorandum : IF076 Insect Ferals. TO: Drs. Morrissey, Xao, Cobb, Cameron (and their staffs). FROM: Dr. Kenneth Harrison. Doctors, We have all seen the nightmarish files chronicling early attempts to breed Insectum Ferals. The ghastly swarms hatched and mercifully exterminated upon delivery left the late Dr. Breedlove with little choice than to abandon the strain. As you know, there was one exception: arachnids. For some reason, the infants born with this particular DNA fusion all appeared to be normal human babies, as if the insect genetics never took. Records indicate they were deemed a happenstance, returned to their families and raised as non-new mutants. Upon review, I feel this might have been a premature judgment. My extensive work in the field of botanical genetics and its recent applications to Ferals (see Research Files #TBX007 on the Dark Star Unit and #GB949593X7 on the Rafflesia Pricei) has taught me that obvious conclusions about this type of New Mutant are often overlooked. Their animal characteristics usually remain beneath the surface of an average human veneer only to emerge in situations of stress, passion or fear. After reviewing all available data and applying my own considerable knowledge of the insect world (acquired while dealing with plant life), I am making the educated guess that spider, scorpion and other arthropod DNA productively exists in the (now grown) test subjects who were released from Genomex some twenty years ago. Their mutations probably lay dormant and did not manifest until they reached puberty (a factor curiously overlooked by Dr. Breedlove). Features such as stingers, venom sacs, web spinnerets and antennae may stay submerged within their bodies and can be materialized at will. I need not mention how valuable such subjects would be to our organization…or how dangerous. I have requested that Mr. Eckhart utilize the GSA's resources to retrieve these lost Children of Genomex, particularly the females who I believe (as in nature) would have had the best chance of surviving and perfecting their Insectum abilities. Procedural instructions will follow after their arrival. In the meantime, please brush up on the noted files and existing studies applicable to this topic. NOTE: Of course, all action in this matter hinges on Mr. Eckhart's response to my proposal. Thank-you, Kenneth Harrison

Trivia: The actor who played The Guardian in this episode, Joel Harris, also played The Protocanth in "Reawakening."

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