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Halloran, Vance

Vance Halloran -- played by Jim Codrington

Vance Halloran.

First Appearance: "Deadly Desire."

Quote: Mason: "Is she safe?"
Vance: "Perfectly."
Mason: "Well then, Miss Templeton--"
Vance [holds up his gun]: "Eckhart. We're getting out of here."
Mason: "I assume you're not talking about you and me."

Details: GS agent Vance Halloran set up a transaction with disgruntled government scientist Dr. Tork to purchase the valuable anomite computer virus. The meeting was ambushed by both Mutant X and the scorpion feral Lorna Templeton’s gang; the latter group stole the anomite and shot Dr. Tork. Vance recognized the shooter as Carl Ames, a GS agent who had fallen under the spell of Lorna’s pheromones. Vance attempted to buy the anomite and Carl from Lorna, but Mutant X intervened once again. Once they were able to extract Brennan Mulwray from Lorna’s hold, Vance captured Lorna and brought her to Genomex. However, his delay in placing her subdermal governor allowed Lorna to ensnare him with her pheromone. Vance absconded with Lorna and the money in Genomex’s safe.

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