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Hartman, Catherine

Catherine Hartman -- Played by Sarah Gadon

Catherine Hartman.

Mutant Type: Molecular (Stealth).

First Appearance: "Whiter Shade of Pale."

Quote: "Whatever my mother's done, she did it for me. So I guess that makes this as much my fault is it is hers."

Details: Catherine was the daughter of Danielle Hartman, the former lover of both Mason Eckhart and Adam Kane. Just as Catherine turned fifteen, her mother's genetic structure began to rapidly deteriorate, prompting Danielle to steal a genetic sequencer in an attempt to cure herself. Adam successfully combined Catherine's DNA with her mother's to stabilize them both. Though Danielle told Adam that Catherine was not his daughter, she assured Catherine that her father was "very smart, and that, for a short while, they loved each other very much."

From Adam's Mutant X Lives diary: DANIELLE HARTMAN - She still owns my heart and youth. I cannot bring myself to write much about her. She fades from me now, as always, but never goes away. I hope her daughter will not share the same fate.

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