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Hartman, Danielle

Danielle Hartman -- Played by Guylaine St. Onge

Danielle Hartman.

Mutant Type: Molecular (Stealth).

First Appearance: "Whiter Shade of Pale."

Quote: "I knew you'd never accept the inevitable. I wanted to enjoy the time I had, not pine away over some miracle cure that wasn't going to happen."

Details: Danielle Hartman first came to Genomex for medical help 15 years prior to season one, where she met and fell in love with Adam Kane. Unfortunately, the treatments she received caused her DNA to fragment, and she became a stealth mutant with the ability to become invisible by creating a shield around her body to block light. Adam tried to persuade her to undergo more experiments to fortify her genetic code, but Mason Eckhart convinced her that Adam could not be trusted to treat her as anything but a lab rat. She left Genomex to work as at a shipping company upstate until she couldn't hide her symptoms. She returned to steal a genetic sequencer from one of Adam's safehouses to cure herself, but then lost it to the GSA. In order to find a treatment that could help her and her daughter Catherine, she convinced Adam to try the drug Ephenol. The euphoria from the drug caused her to believe she was strong enough to leave Adam's lab to seek out Mason's aid. Mutant X saved her from GSA capture, and Adam combined her DNA with her daughter's, thereby stabilizing both.

From Adam's Mutant X Lives diary: DANIELLE HARTMAN - She still owns my heart and youth. I cannot bring myself to write much about her. She fades from me now, as always, but never goes away. I hope her daughter will not share the same fate.

From the former My Friend's Bookstore faux website: The Invisible Man
Stealths are a rare type of Molecular New Mutant. They project auras around their bodies that negate light rays and render them, their attire and whatever they carry invisible to the human eye. This rare ability comes at a tremendous cost. To date, no Stealth has survived to the age of forty-five and most succumb to chronic health degeneration while in their twenties. Created in the laboratories of Genomex during the mid-1970's, these men and women were born from experiments that attempted to control the patterns of their embryonic DNA to achieve the desired invisibility. The procedure, which had been successful with Ferals, proved hazardous for Stealths. Unstable factors in Molecular genetics resulted in New Mutants with compromised immunity systems and often mental imbalance that would manifest in adolescence. Only a small percentage of the original Stealths made it to adulthood and then, only two managed to escape the confines of Genomex. The fugitives have kept low profiles in the outside world, keeping themselves out of contact with the branches of Mutant X, the Underground and even each other. They have both parented children, all of whom inherited their invisible powers and health risks that come with them. There is also evidence of "natural" Stealth Moleculars, born without the influence of the Breedlove labs. Regardless, all appear to suffer the same debilitating physical defects and are in need of help. Control over their fading worsens each year after sixteen and is often accompanied by respiratory or cystic ailments. All of these symptoms contribute to a fragile mental state as well. Mutant X founder Adam along with fellow sympathetic and trusted scientists have learned that Ephenol, a new and relatively untested synthetic, can have a stabilizing influence on an adult Stealth's deterioration. Results, however, are unpredictable, as is the potential for dangerous side effects. Further testing is needed before the drug can be applied as medicine. The expense of this endeavor is, to put it bluntly, "out of sight". We here at "The Invisible Man" ask that all readers with means and a heart for this cause to donate time, resources and funds so these much abused New Mutants can finally surface and join the rest of us. Help us refine Ephenol or develop viable alternatives before Stealths become a vanished race. The only thing we know for certain is that they are a part of our family and need visible attention NOW. Contact us through this site or any Mutant X Lives outlet. Any form of contribution is appreciated. Thank you.

Trivia: The actress who played Danielle Hartman, Guylaine St. Onge, died of cervical cancer March 3rd 2005. She was just 39 years old.

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