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08 January 2016 @ 12:09 am
Hayes, Michael & Mrs.  

Michael Hayes -- Played by Adam Bramble | Mrs. Hayes -- Played by Marcia Bennett

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hayes.

First Appearance: "Divided Loyalties."

Quote: Mrs. Hayes: "He was terrified for his life. He found proof of corruption within the agency."
Lexa: "That’s not possible."
Mrs. Hayes: "I told him to look the other way, but he wouldn’t. Said he couldn't live with himself."
Lexa: "Well, do you have any idea who he was trying to get it to?"
Mrs. Hayes: "I wish I did. He just said he was trying to get it to someone he could trust."

Details: Dominion operative Michael Hayes was an old friend of Adam Kane's. At Adam's request, Michael defected from The Dominion with a disk containing all the Dominion's genetic research. Michael had hoped to use the information to prove his suspicions of corruption deep within the organization, but The Dominion murdered him before he could get the disk to Adam. After some persuasion, Michael's widow told Lexa Pierce what she knew of her late husband's plans.free hit counter