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08 January 2016 @ 12:11 am
Henshaw, James  

James Henshaw -- Played by Reuben Thompson

James Henshaw.

First Appearance: "Lit Fuse."

Quote: Mason: "Mr. Cross has become a liability."
James Henshaw: "I couldn't agree more."
Mason: "How delightful to have your support. I want you to go out to Station 12."
James: "One problem with that, sir. Cross blames me personally for the previous incident, and I feel that if--"
Mason: "I have no interest in how you feel. Shoot Mr. Cross, and for God's sake this time make sure he's dead!"

Details: GS agent James Henshaw was assigned to retrieve the electrical absorber Ashley Elliot from the bounty hunter Neil Cross. He wounded Neil when he demanded more money, and managed to place a subdermal governor on Ashley before Mutant X grabbed her from his grasp. James returned the bounty money to Genomex, only to be sent out once more when Neil alerted Mason Eckhart that he had recaptured Ashley. Unfortunately for James, Mutant X got to her first.free hit counter