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In Between

Mutant X Episode Synopses

In Between: Episode #318.

Tag: When Jesse’s life hangs in the balance, Brennan must connect to him and lead him through past memories they’ve shared in order to save his life. [Transcript]

Cast & Crew: Written by Gil Grant; Directed by Andrew Potter
George Buza....Lexa's Dominion Contact
Ellen Dubin....Dr. Olivia Robinson
Andrew Gillies....Dr. Kenneth Harrison
Kevin Rushton....Thug
Ron Sarosiak...Williams

Official Synopsis: Brennan (Victor Webster) and Jesse (Forbes March) walk out of a bar, unaware that a dark figure is watching them. Suddenly, two motorcycle gang members approach them and instigate a fight just as Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) and Lexa (Karen Cliche) walk up. Taking advantage of the distraction, the dark figure arms a hi-tech gun and aims it at Brennan and Jesse. Shalimar’s feral hearing picks up the sound of the weapon and yells to warn Brennan, who turns around and forms a tesla coil. Seeing what’s about to happen, Jesse leaps in front of Brennan and masses out just as the gunman fires off a glowing projectile. Just as the bullet is about to hit Jesse, it unexpectedly turns invisible allowing it to slide into his massed out form. Jesse is violently thrown to the ground by the impact and as his teammates rush to his side, the dark figure disappears. Back at Sanctuary, Lexa introduces the team to Dr. Robinson (Ellen Drubin), who was sent by the Dominion. As Robinson is examining Jesse, he begins shaking violently. Brennan holds him down, while Robinson hits him with a starburst to calm him. Admitting she’s a telempath, Robinson then scans Jesse’s body and discovers the bullet is packed with electronic components and needs to be removed. Meanwhile, Shalimar and Lexa are searching for leads when Lexa’s cell phone rings. Answering it, she is greeted by the electronically altered voice of Dr. Harrison (Andrew Gilles) who claims the bullet in Jesse contains explosives and he has the detonator that controls it. He warns that if anyone attempts to remove the bullet, Jesse will. Shalimar and Lexa run into the lab and stop Robinson just as she makes her first incision on Jesse. When Jesse starts thrashing on the table, Robinson calms him with another telempathic blast. She then runs another scan on his body and discovers the cut she made triggered a defense mechanism in his body and he’s starting to mass around the bullet. She explains to the team that if the massing spreads to his vital organs, they’ll cease to function and Jesse will die. Later that day, Harrison calls Lexa and tells her that he will spare Jesse if Mutant X locates a mutant named Laura Brooks. He says she is being held somewhere in a pod and that they have four hours to find her or he’ll detonate the bomb inside Jesse. After hanging up, Shalimar tries to trace his location, but she soon realizes the call is untraceable. Meanwhile, Jesse is desperately trying to control his internal massing when he suddenly screams in pain and falls unconscious. Robinson suggests connecting Brennan to Jesse so he can take his mind off the bullet. Agreeing, Brennan sits in a chair next to the bed and Robinson fires simultaneous blasts at him and Jesse, connecting them. Brennan finds himself next to Jesse, hanging onto the edge of a cliff. Jesse tells Brennan that he’s dying, but Brennan refuses to listen and grabs Jesse’s arm, which triggers a memory of them playing basketball. Just then, Brennan sees a flash of light and when he opens his eyes Robinson tells him the massing has stopped. Unable to find anything on Laura through the normal channels, Lexa decides to contact the Dominion for help. Meanwhile, Robinson tells Brennan that the bullet has an internal power supply that allows it to control Jesse’s nervous system and that Brennan may be able to deliver an electrical charge strong enough to damage the bullet without hurting Jesse. As Brennan carefully fires a charge into Jesse’s body, Robinson sees that the lines of energy radiating from the bullet have started to fade. But suddenly, the massing resumes and seeing it heading for Jesse’s lungs, Robinson reconnects Brennan with Jesse in an attempt to stop it. Once again Brennan appears beside Jesse as he’s hanging onto the cliff. When Jesse loses his grip, Brennan grabs his arm, triggering more memories the two have shared over the years. Strengthened by the thoughts, Jesse starts climbing up to safety and the massing begins to dissipate. Before reaching the top, however, Jesse loses his grip and slides back down. Robinson disconnects Brennan from Jesse’s mind telling him that the massing is getting worse and that if Jesse were to die while they were connected, Brennan would die as well. Meanwhile, Lexa’s Dominion contact gives her a disk containing information on Laura Brooks but warns that there may be repercussions to any actions she takes. After reading what’s on the disk, Shalimar and Lexa head to a warehouse where they find Laura’s decomposed body inside a pod. Just then, Lexa’s phone rings and Harrison asks if they’ve found Laura. Certain he’ll kill Jesse if they tell him Laura is dead, Lexa says they are in the process of reviving her. Harrison insists they hurry and adds that he knows Jesse’s anatomy better than anyone and is the only one who can save him. When Lexa comlinks Brennan and tells him what Harrison said, Brennan reconnects with Jesse. Flashing back, Jesse realizes that Dr. Harrison is a former Genomex doctor who performed neurological experiments on him as a way to control his nervous system. Brennan pulls away long enough to relay this to Shalimar and Lexa and then reconnects to Jesse. Robinson begins operating to remove the bullet and as she manipulates it deep inside Jesse’s chest, the heart monitor suddenly flatlines. As Robinson grabs the defibrillating paddles, Brennan, knowing that if Jesse dies he will too, begs his friend to keep fighting. Once Robinson gets a heartbeat she connects to Brennan and tells him she can’t get to the bullet. Brennan turns to Jesse and urges him to mass the bullet so the doctor can remove it. Mustering up all his strength, Jesse concentrates and Robinson goes back in for another try. Meanwhile, Shalimar and Lexa arrive at Harrison’s last known location and burst inside. Shalimar takes out his henchman as Lexa goes after the doctor. Realizing they don’t have Laura, he grabs the detonator and presses the button. Lexa urgently comlinks Brennan and with just seconds to spare, Robinson pulls the massed bullet from Jesse’s chest and throws it into a force field protected container where it harmlessly explodes. After learning that Jesse is okay, Lexa turns to Harrison and drops him to the ground with a vicious kick.

Jesse: I don't know, my friend. I think you're losing it. That girl barely even knew you were there.
Brennan: What are you even talking about right now? She had her eyes all over me.
Jesse: So that would explain that warm reception you got when you asked for her number, huh?
Brennan: I hate to break it to you, but in some cultures, it's considered an engagement when you get slapped.

Biker: Wrong place, wrong time. Looks like you boys made a real big mistake.
Brennan: Oh yeah? How you figure?
Biker: ‘Cause you’re about to get your asses kicked.
Brennan: We’re getting our asses kicked. Whaddya think?
Jesse: Could be fun.

Lexa: All pods were destroyed.
Dr. Ken Harrison: No, not hers. She was taken by the military after the collapse of Genomex.
Lexa: Well, where is she?
Dr. Harrison: Well, if I knew that, I wouldn’t need you, now would I? I’m aware of the access and connections Mutant X has. Use them to find her and bring her to me. You have four hours.
Lexa: Wait, wait, hold on. Be realistic here. You know four hours isn’t possible.
Dr. Harrison: You’d better hope it is, if you want your friend to live. Four hours until I detonate the bullet. If you’ve activated its powers, maybe even less.
Henchman: They’ll never find her. The Dominion will have buried her too deep.
Dr. Harrison: They’ll have to if they want their friend to live.
Henchman: That’s a lot of trouble for one woman.
Dr. Harrison: She’s worth it.

The Voice: What you’re asking is impossible.
Lexa: I’m asking you to find one woman.
The Voice: You want us to locate a dangerous mutant so you can deliver her to an unknown operative for an unknown reason.
Lexa: Yeah, well I don’t give a damn! Jesse’s dying.
The Voice: You seem to have lost your usual good judgement. Perhaps you’ve become overly involved with Mutant X.
Lexa: What did you expect? I live with him. I work with him. He saved my life. Of course I'm involved. I’m not gonna let him die.
The Voice: You surprise me, Miss Pierce. I’ll se what I can do.
Shalimar: You surprise me too. So do you really care about him, or was that all for effect?
Lexa: What difference does it make?

Brennan: You’ve got one hell of an imagination.
Jesse: Yeah. You know, I never thought it would be like this.
Brennan: What?
Jesse: Dying. I always thought it would be for something meaningful, not an ambush by some guy I don’t even know.

The Voice: The woman you’re looking for is in a government warehouse, Unit 2409. All the information you’ll need is in here. You should have no problem getting in. Lexa, you’ll be held responsible for any adverse consequences of this action.
Lexa: I already knew that.
The Voice: Personal involvement is a bad idea in our line of work.
Lexa: Yeah, well sometimes it’s unavoidable.
The Voice: I’d be sorry to lose you. You’re one of my best operatives.
Lexa: Now that sounds like a little personal involvement.
The Voice: Not at all.
Lexa: Thanks for your help tonight.

Dr. Ken Harrison: Where is she? Where’s Laura?
Shalimar: She died.
Dr. Harrison: No. No, no. After all the treachery and double dealing at the GSA, she was the only one who remained loyal. Loyal to me. She can’t be dead!
Lexa: Aw. Did you care about her?
Dr. Harrison: I loved her.
Lexa: That’s too bad. [She punches him] Love hurts.

Jesse: Guys, thank you. I wouldn’t be here without you.
Lexa: Ah, it was no big deal.
Jesse: Yeah. You’re the reason I wanted to live. That is a big deal.
Brennan: What?
Shalimar: So did you have any other near-death revelations?
Lexa: Well, I did. See, you put us through that again, and I’ll kill you myself.

Jesse: You risked your life for me.
Brennan: You took a bullet for me.
Jesse: Yeah, but I didn’t know it would hurt.
Brennan: Oh man, you’re a big wuss. I’m sure you would’ve done it anyway.
Jesse: Anytime.

Trivia & Nitpicks: One fan, lonelywalker, once described this as “The One Where Jesse Trips and Falls into a Big Hole for an Entire Episode.” Add in some flashbacks, and that pretty much sums it up.

This is the only time we catch a glimpse of Emma after the second season, and the only time we see Dr. Ken Harrison after the first season.

We all worry about Emma around Brennan, but while she’d only been zapped four times (“Shock of the New,” “Deadly Desire,” “A Breed Apart,” and “One Step Closer”), this will be the sixth time Brennan shocks Jesse–he’s already been shocked in “I Scream the Body Electric” (Jesse was phased at the time), “Crime of the New Century” (in the teaser as a joke), “A Whiter Shade of Pale” (by accident), “Power Play” (to unphase him), “Hard Time” (under the influence of steroids), and “One Step Closer” (by accident).

We learn that all pods were destroyed (with or without the new mutants in them, I wonder?) after the downfall of Genomex, with the sole exception of Dr. Harrison’s lover.

Has Dr. Robinson just come from a party? Why is she wearing go-go boots to perform surgery?

Jesse says that Dr. Harrison must have become familiar with his genetic structure during his time at Genomex. But as far as we know, Jesse was never imprisoned at Genomex. He’s been there while rescuing new mutants in “I Scream the Body Electric,” “In the Presence of Mine Enemies,” “Crime of the New Century,” and “A Breed Apart,” but the closest he’s come to a pod was in his nightmare in “Nothing to Fear.”

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