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Incident X

Incident X.

Details: "Incident X" is the name given to the horrific accident which caused the destruction of Mason Eckhart's immune system, forcing him to wear a white wig and synthetic skin for protection against infection. Incident X is never named in the series, though Adam's involvement is obliquely mentioned by Dr. Paul Breedlove in "Shock of the New":

Mason Eckhart: "That you don't despise [Adam] for betraying you remains a mystery to me."
Dr. Paul Breedlove: "That you hold him responsible for the collapse of your immune system would have nothing to do with that, eh?"

The one-shot Mutant X comic book "Origin" details the circumstances surrounding the accident; references on Tribune Entertainment's faux websites imply that Incident X occurred when Mason confronted Adam as he absconded from Genomex with the Breedlove's New Mutant database.

From Mutant X Lives
1. Adam's Diary: To my dying day I will continually relive the confrontation Mason: and I had that resulted in the physical disintegration of his immune system. At the time it seemed I had no choice but in retrospect, I would not change an iota of the outcome.

2. Adam's Serials: Paul and I divided responsibilities in a fever-driven plot: He would steal the New Mutant database and destroy the tracking system; I would take care of Eckhart and his growing forces. Our defection became known as Incident X. It did not go off smoothly and the gruesome details are for another time, save Paul’s involvement.

1. Dr. Ken Harrison's report on Mason Eckhart's medical condition: Additionally, as the result of "Incident X," his cellular structure is permanently damaged, leaving it incapable of regeneration. If not for Dr. Breedlove's intervening genius, Eckhart would have aged and decomposed within hours of the biological attack. I've viewed the security tapes on record of "X". There is no doubt it was brought on by the confrontation with Adam, but the actual damage done to Eckhart appears to have been a freak accident that could not be replicated. Hence, no remedy. In fact, Adam is fortunate he did not share the same fate but, from what I understand, this kind of outrageous luck is typical for him.

2. Adam Kane's security file: These contributions must all be disregarded in light of the fact that Adam grew into a maniacal, power-thirsty betrayer to the entire Genomex cause. His actions beginning with "Incident X" (file classified as TOP PERSONNEL ONLY) have been a destructive threat not only to our own security, but the human race in general. This factor coupled with his considerable knowledge of operation modes and upper echelon staff makes him Genomex's NUMBER ONE ENEMY (PRIORITY RED). Due to working procedures (since reversed by Mr. Eckhart following "X") Adam's background, like many of the early Genomex staff, was deliberately obscured.

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