February 8th, 2016

First Mutant

George Buza (1/02 Men with Brooms)

Proxy Blue's Mutant X Newsroom

Excerpt from Kill Bill 2002: George Buza

January 2002

Key Cast
Paul Gross as “Chris Cutter”
Molly Parker as “Amy Foley”
Peter Outerbridge as “James Lennox”
Jed Rees as “Eddie Strombeck”
James Allodi as “Neil Bucyk”
Michelle Nolden as “Julie Foley”
Polly Shannon as “Joanne”
Kari Matchett as “Linda Bucyk”
Jane Spidell as “Lily Strombeck”
Barbara Gordon as “Eva Foley”
George Buza as “Stuckmore”
Victoria Snow as “Officer Francis Darte”
Greg Bryk as “Alexander Yount”
Beau Starr as “Scott Blendick”
and Leslie Nielsen as “Gordon Cutter”

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