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Non-MX Interviews: Michael Easton (4/05 - 4/07 Soap Opera Digest)

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Soap Opera Digest 4/12/05: Michael Easton *Found on Michael Easton Fan Tribute

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Excerpts from Soap Opera Digest 5/5/05: Michael Easton
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Soap Opera Digest 2006: Michael Easton

Michael Easton (John, One Life to Live) 2006: Take Five

What is your favorite '80s band?
"The Clash, although technically, they're a late '70's band. The Clash and The Police."

What would you title your autobiography?
"I don't think I'd ever want to write about myself. That would scare me."

What talent do you wish you were born with?
"I'd like to be able to sing. I went and saw Renee Goldsberry [Evangeline, OLTL] do Shakespeare in the Park, and she is intoxicating when she sings. I'd like to have that gift."

What book has most impacted your life?
"On the Road, by Jack Kerouac, changed my life."

What's something that you always wanted to do, but have been afraid to try?
"Dancing with the Stars. That would scare the hell out of me."

Soap Opera Digest 3/06: Michael Easton

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Soap Opera Digest 3/2/06: Michael Easton *Found on Michael Easton Fan Tribute

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8/8/06, 8/22/06, 9/26/06 *Found on Michael Easton Fan Tribute

One Life to Live 8/8/06: Going South

Michael Easton (John) likes being able to use his official Web site, www.michale-easton.com, to communicate with fans. In doing so, the actor has found that sometimes his reputation as a brooding loner overshadows the person he really is. "I remember one time somebody asked me what was my favorite television show, and I think I answered them SOUTH PARK," he recalls. "And they wrote back, 'You're lying. You probably don't even have a television set. You're sitting in a bar reading poetry and drinking.' I think when I was reading it, I actually was sitting in a bar, but I do have a television set and I do like SOUTH PARK. I like to have a laugh like the next person. I have a goofy sense of humor."

OLTL 8/22/06: Easy Rider

Whenever the weather warms up, Michael Easton (John) finds himself considering buying a motorcycle to scoot around New York. "I've been thinking about getting a bike, but here in the city it's a pain," he explains. "I actually went to test-drive some BMWs and thought they were a good city bike, but then you get into parking and all that." Easton still rides when he goes to his home on the West Coast. "I still have bikes in Los Angeles, so when I go out there, I just take them out and get it all out of my system. Take them out to Mulholland [Drive] or ride out to Ventura County. It's nice."

OLTL 9/26/06: Tragedy Strikes John

John comes darn close to true closure this week when he recovers the elusive matching gun and has Spencer arrested for his father's murder. Unfortunately, John's peace of mind is cut short by a terrible accident that seemingly claims his life. "I think John will probably find peace when he's dead and not a moment sooner," muses Michael Easton (John).

That being said, the week starts with John feeling good. "When he finally arrests Truman, he has a strong sense of having fulfilled his duty as a cop, having fought the inner desire for vengeance," Easton nods. "He did his job by the book; now it's up to the judicial system to do theirs."

John has a few words for Spencer, and although the doc appears to be headed for prison, a feeling of unfinished business still lingers in the air. "A little known fact about the character -- John watches a little daytime television on the side and knows these trials never go as expected," Easton jokes. "So I think McBain is prepared for a reckoning and he knows he will have to eventually settle the score with Truman himself someday, and this time he'll do it his way."

With Spencer disposed of for the time being, John heads for the cemetary to talk to his late dad. "His father, in a sense, releases him from the burden he's carried all these yaers," Easton previews. "With this, John can begin to get on with his life and not be as bound to his past. With this, he has an epiphany of a new life for himself fueled by love, not anger and self-loathing."

Unfortunately, the insight goes unfulfilled when the week ends with John in an explosive car accident that leaves him presumed dead. "The desire for love is lost in time [after his death], but at least these are the last emotions John has in his heart," Easton sighs.

John's future is anything but certain, however. Although OLTL decided to go through with the story they scripted to claim John's life, Easton has since signed a new contract with the show.

Excerpt from Soap Opera Digest 11/22/06: Michael Easton

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Soap Opera Digest 12/5/06: Michael Easton

OLTL 12/5/06: John and Natalie Are Reunited

"The best words to describe it are 'overwhelming emotion,'" Melissa Archer (Natalie) says of her character seeing John alive for the first time. "Her prayers, her dreams, they came true. He's alive and he's okay. He's obviously not 100 percent out of trouble; he still has more surgery and recovery to go through. But the fact that it's him and there's still ashot for them, it's overwhelming."

The scene takes place at John's bedside as a nurse changes the bandages on his face while Natalie stands by with Michael. But joy quickly turns to worry when Natalie realizes that after John's near-death experience, there is work to be done before they can pick up where they left off.

"I think he's now just going to try to be more comfortable in his own skin -- ironically, he is now damaged inside and out," says Michael Easton (John). "John's long recovery will either bring them closer together or tear them apart. McBain does not want to be a burden to anyone, especially Natalie."

John is able to assuage Nat's worries to some degree when he wakes up and tells her the magic words he's never been able to say: I love you. "Yes!" Archer gushes. "I was so excited. He says it! First time since John has been on ONE LIFE TO LIVE [laughs]. I was so elated."

Natalie stays by John's side, determined to keep him calm while the Spencer trial takes place. Meanwhile, Michael asks John if he's still planning on asking Natalie to be his wife, while John squirms a bit as he observes the closeness between his would-be fiancee and Vincent. "I think for Natalie, it's nothing other than her liking Vince as someone she wants to take under her wing," Archer offers. "But he keeps making such a big deal out of the kiss they had on the rooftop. For her, that was just a moment of spontaneity that wasn't about anything other than her searching for John and reaching for another man trying to find that connection she thought was gone. But there's nothing worse than making an embarrassing mistake and having someone keep bringing it up."

Unfortunately for Nat, the next guy to bring it up could very well be John.

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Excerpts from Soap Opera Digest 4/30/07: Michael Easton, on Soap Zone

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Non-MX Interviews: Michael Easton (7/05 - 10/06 Soap Opera Weekly)

First Mutant

Michael Easton (8/05 Two Gentlemen of Verona opening)

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Excerpt from Broadway.com 8/25/05: Michael Easton | Renee's Loft

A Perfect Summer Party for Two Gentlemen

There's nothing quite so satisfying as spending a lovely summer evening at the Delacorte Theatre in Central Park, and the evening of August 25 proved it. After the evening's performance of Two Gentlemen of Verona, the hilarious musical version of Shakespeare's frothy comedy about love, sex and mistaken identities, the company partied down at the Park's nearby Belvedere Castle.
Hilary B. Smith, Michael Eastman [sic] and Kathy Brier came to support One Life to Live co-star Goldsberry.

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