August 16th, 2016

First Mutant

Tom McCamus, Nigel Bennett (8/00 Jules Verne)

Excerpt from Lindy Cooksey 8/27/00: Tom McCamus, Nigel Bennett (John Warren in "Final Judgment") | The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne

The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne

111. The Black Glove of Melchizedek W: Trevor Preston D: Pierre de Lespinois CBC vs SFC
(CBC: 08/27/2000; SciFi: 03/09/2001) Zai Chao: Kim Chan; Jacomb Hyde: Nigel Bennett; Vargas: Tom McCamus; James O'Neilan: Peter Cockett; Wei San: Andrea Lui
Phileas' old friend, Jacomb Hyde, sends him an ancient black glove adorned with caballistic symbols, said to contain all knowledge. When Jacomb-Hyde is killed, Phileas does telepathic battle with Vargas, the glove's owner, who wanders the earth as a shadow. Meanwhile, a Chinese gangster, Zal Chao, kidnaps Rebecca Fogg and exchanges her for the glove. The glove's power appears to destroy Zal Chao, but in fact turns him into another Vargas, a disembodied shadow.

© Lindy Cooksey

Excerpt from Two Evil Monks: Tom McCamus and Nigel Bennett (John Warren in "Final Judgment")

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