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Tom McCamus, Andrew Gillies, Nigel Bennett, Chick Reid (10/11 Cymbeline)

Excerpt from Toronto Sun 10/18/11: Tom McCamus | Picture at London Free Press

More Stratford 2012 shows set
By John Coulbourn, QMI Agency First posted: Tuesday, October 18, 2011 01:54 PM

TORONTO - The Stratford Festival has put some more flesh on the bones of the 2012 season announced earlier this summer. According to announcements made Tuesday, the roster for the fest’s 60th season reads as follows:
•Veteran thesp Geraint Wyn Davies assumes the title role in Antoni Cimolino’s production of Cymbeline, joined by Ian Lake, Cara Ricketts, E. B. Smith, John Vickery, Tom McCamus and Mike Shara.
•Yanna McIntosh plays the title role in Elektra, under the direction of Thomas Moschopoulos, heading a cast that also includes Peter Hutt, Laura Condlin, Seana McKenna and Lake.
•Condlin is also cast in Chris Abraham’s The Matchmaker, opposite McCamus, McKenna, Shara, Ricketts and Wyn Davies in a cast that also includes Sky Brandon and Andrea Runge.

© Toronto Sun

Excerpt from Theater Mania 3/10/12: Tom McCamus

Antoni Cimolino to Succeed Des McAnuff as Artistic Director of Stratford Shakespeare Festival
By Brian Scott Lipton • Mar 10, 2012

Antoni Cimolino will become the Artistic Director of the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in 2013. Cimolino, who is the festival's current General Director, will succeed Des McAnuff, who will step down at the end of 2012 season.
For the 2012 season, he will direct Cymbeline, with a cast that includes Graham Abbey, Tom McCamus, Cara Ricketts and Geraint Wyn Davies.

© Theater Mania

Excerpt from Broadway World 5/10/12: Tom McCamus and Nigel Bennett (John Warren in "Final Judgement")

Graham Abbey Returns to Stratford Shakespeare Festival in CYMBELINE, May 10

In his fairy-tale romance Cymbeline, Shakespeare pits the strength of true love against false accusation and familial discord. Directed by the Festival’s General Director, Antoni Cimolino, this hauntingly beautiful play begins previews at the Tom Patterson Theatre on May 10.
The cast includes Graham Abbey as Posthumus, Tom McCamus as Iachimo, Cara Ricketts as Innogen and Geraint Wyn Davies as King Cymbeline, with Nigel Bennett as Caius Lucius, Ian Lake as Arviragus, Yanna McIntosh as the Queen, Mike Shara as Cloten, E.B Smith as Guiderius, Brian Tree as Pisanio and John Vickery as Belarius.

© Broadway World

Excerpt from The Record 5/18/12: Tom McCamus

Stratford Shakespeare Festival celebrates 60th anniversary
Robert Reid, Record staff Fri May 18 2012

STRATFORD — Saying goodbye a year early, Des McAnuff is leaving the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in capable hands. Ironically, his last season, which coincides with the festival’s 60th anniversary, barely reflects its namesake. McAnuff lowers the curtain on five seasons as artistic director of North America’s premiere, classical, repertory theatre with only three Shakespearean plays, including Much Ado About Nothing, Henry V and Cymbeline.
After directing last season’s dust bowl epic The Grapes of Wrath, Cimolino is applying his directorial hand to Cymbeline. The production features McCamus, Wyn Davies, Cara Ricketts and the return of Stratford native Graham Abbey. “We’ve been exploring the late romances and Antoni decided to focus on this particular play.”

© The Record

Excerpt from Broadway World 5/25/12: Tom McCamus

Stratford Shakespeare Festival Launches 60th Season with MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, May 28

Five other productions will open during the week: 42nd Street, directed by Gary Griffin and featuring Sean Arbuckle as Julian Marsh, Kyle Blair as Billy Lawlor, Cynthia Dale as Dorothy Brock, and Jennifer Rider-Shaw as Peggy Sawyer; You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, directed by Donna Feore, featuring Stephen Patterson as Snoopy, Erica Peck as Lucy and Ken James Stewart as Charlie Brown; Cymbeline, directed by Antoni Cimolino, featuring Graham Abbey as Posthumus, Tom McCamus as Iachimo, Cara Ricketts as Innogen, and Geraint Wyn Davies as Cymbeline; The Pirates of Penzance, directed by Ethan McSweeny, featuring Sean Arbuckle as the Pirate King, Kyle Blair as Frederic, C. David Johnson as the Major General, and Amy Wallis as Mabel Stanley; and The Matchmaker, directed by Chris Abraham, featuring Tom McCamus as Horace Vandergelder and Seana McKenna as Dolly Levi.
The Festival will launch a special 60th season book on June 2, Stratford: Behind the Scenes, which will available through the Theatre Store.

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Excerpt from 5/29/12: Tom McCamus, Nigel Bennett

Theatre Review: Stratford’s Cymbeline a solid success
By Richard Ouzounian Jun 01, 2012

By William Shakespeare. Directed by Antoni Cimolino. Until Sept. 30 at the Tom Patterson Theatre. 1-800-567-1600.
Veterans in villainy like Yanna McIntosh and Tom McCamus turn in vivid performances as the evil Queen and the slimy Iachimo, but Mike Shara does something boldly comic as the clueless Cloten that manages to combine dastardliness and laughs at the same time. An actor like Brian Tree, too often relegated to stock comedy roles, proves here with Pisanio that he can still deliver a fine, complex character, and solid types like Nigel Bennett and Jon Vickery also make every moment count.


Excerpt from Stratford Beacon Herald 6/1/12: Tom McCamus

Stratford's Cymbeline: Seldom seen play a must see
By Laura Cudworth Friday, June 1, 2012 8:12:57 EDT AM

As Iachimo Tom McCamus will make your skin crawl as he lurks about Innogen’s bed chamber. He’s unapologetically slimy yet I was happy to see him every time he walked on stage because he was so fascinating.

© Stratford Beacon Herald

Excerpt from Guelph Mercury 6/1/12: Tom McCamus, Nigel Bennett

Review: Cymbeline boasts ‘super ensemble’
Robert Reid Fri Jun 1 2012

Directed by Antoni Cimolino, the festival's general director who replaces Des McAnuff as artistic director next season, it features three of the festival's most dependable talents in Tom McCamus, Geraint Wyn Davies and Yanna McIntosh.
McCamus portrays the villainy of the slimy liar Iachimo with a subtlety that's truly menacing.
Brian Tree as the loyal Pisanio, Peter Hutt as Doctor Cornelius, Nigel Bennett as Caius and the velvet-voiced John Vickery as Belarius reflect an ensemble depth that is crucial to staging engaging and memorable Shakespeare.

© Guelph Mercury

Excerpt from Toronto Sun 6/1/12: Tom McCamus, Andrew Gillies, Nigel Bennett

Antoni makes his mark
By John Coulbourn Friday, June 01, 2012

This is, it must be said, a hugely impressive ensemble, its numbers swelled by the likes of Peter Hutt, Nigel Bennett, Ian Clark, Andrew Gillies, Brian Tree and a host of others — and from the very top of the show, Cimolino makes the most of its talents, shaping performances that showcase the best of each actor’s individual skills, while still serving the complex demands of text and story.
And it pays off in spades. Wyn Davies, Ricketts, Abbey, McIntosh, Shara, McCamus — they all give performances that are utterly fearless and little short of thrilling, supported at every turn by a strong supporting cast, each of whom seems to not only know his stuff, but his place within the production as well.

© Toronto Sun

Excerpt from London Free Press James' Brand New Blog 6/1/12: Tom McCamus

Cymbeline @ 2012 Stratford Shakespeare Festival
James Reaney - June 1st, 2012

The forgiving of London ace Tom McCamus (the loathsome Iachimo) in the final scene & the wit of Peter Hutt as the talkative Dr. Cornelius are just as essential as Mike Shara’s hilariously boneheaded Cloten (& he was so suave as Gatsby on the Grand stage).
Tom McCamus’s parents were in the audience Thursday . . . his mom rightly observed the pardon for Iachimo & his character’s transformation was believable as we chatted.

© London Free Press

Excerpt from The Globe and Mail 6/1/12: Tom McCamus

Stratford's Cymbeline: Like Game of Thrones, but slower
J. KELLY NESTRUCK The Globe and Mail Published Friday, Jun. 01 2012, 5:00 PM EDT

Flash forward to Rome, where Posthumus makes a wager that Innogen is the truest lady in the world with an Italian seducer named Iachimo, played by Tom McCamus, essentially reprising his rakish role from Dangerous Liaisons.

© The Globe and Mail

Excerpt from Chicago on the Aisle 6/3/12: Tom McCamus

Stratford Festival’s Shakespeare tradition echoes in the well-told tale of ‘Cymbeline’
Submitted by Nancy Malitz on June 3, 2012 – 10:51 am

Tom McCamus is the lecherous Iachimo, who ruins the life of Immogen, a stranger to him, because of a casual bet over her honor. He fakes a win by invading her bedroom secretly to gain evidence. The scene is a surreal masterstroke of direction by Cimolino, undertaken in eerie light and dead-of-night silence, except for Iachimo’s whispers and adrenaline-saturated breathing miked for effect. Thus we’re in Iachimo’s head as McManus, deliciously snakelike, takes his time over the sleeping girl, seeming to toy with the idea of taking her by force until he remembers the money that’s on the line.

© Chicago on the Aisle

Excerpt from 6/4/12: Tom McCamus & The Hamilton Spectator

Stratford plays The Matchmaker: Fest hits the mark this year with two Shakespearean classics and a delirious revival of a Thornton Wilder classic.
By Jamie Portman, June 4, 2012

Tom McCamus is mesmerizing as that suave scoundrel Iachimo, especially in that creepy scene where he invades the sleeping Imogen's bedchamber to collect false evidence of her infidelity.


Excerpt from Cleveland Jewish News 6/4/12: Tom McCamus

Stratford in spotlight for 60th season
Fran Heller | Posted: Tuesday, September 4, 2012 4:30 pm

The villian, Iachimo, (think Iago with a conscience) places a wager with Posthumus that he can seduce Innogen. Tom McCamus is fantastic as the oily Iachimo, and the bedroom scene in which his character tries to undo the sleeping Innogen is a comic masterpiece.

© Cleveland Jewish News

Excerpt from Ottawa Citizen 6/9/12: Tom McCamus

Theatre review: A triple hit for Stratford
Jamie Portman, Postmedia News | 06.09.2012

Tom McCamus is mesmerizing as that suave scoundrel Iachimo, especially in that creepy scene where he invades the sleeping Imogen’s bedchamber to collect false evidence of her infidelity.

© Ottawa Citizen

I on Stratford 6/13/12: Tom McCamus, Nigel Bennett

2 More Cymbeline Performances Added to Meet Demand

Due to popular demand, the Stratford Shakespeare Festival is adding two new performances of Shakespeare’s romance Cymbeline. The two additional shows will be Saturday, September 8 at 8 pm and Saturday, September 29 at 8 pm
The play features Graham Abbey as Posthumus,Tom McCamus as Iachimo, Cara Ricketts as Innogen and Geraint Wyn Davies as King Cymbeline, with Nigel Bennett as Caius Lucius, Ian Lake as Arviragus, Yanna McIntosh as the Queen, Mike Shara as Cloten, E.B Smith as Guiderius, Brian Tree as Pisanio and John Vickery as Belarius.

© IonStratford

Excerpt from North London Beacon 6/28/12: Tom McCamus, Andrew Gillies, Chick Reid (Nicole Carter in "Blood Ties")

Summer Theatre Reviews … Stratford
by northlondonbeacon Posted on June 28, 2012 at 12:00 am

Not since Colm Feore played the villain Iachimo, has the role been done with such loathsome menace as by Tom McCamus. When he crept around the bedroom of the sleeping princess, you could hear a pin drop with the tension.
Good support comes from Chick Reid, Peter Hutt, Andrew Gillies and Robert King as members of the English Court.

© North London Beacon

Excerpt from Buffalo News 8/10/12: Tom McCamus

Words of wisdom Plummer offers his memoir in 'A Word or Two'
BY Ted Hadley - NEWS CONTRIBUTING REVIEWER Published: August 10, 2012, 12:01 AM

The strong cast includes Geraint Wyn Davies, the flawless Cara Ricketts, Mike Shara, John Vickery, Tom McCamus, Brian Tree, Graham Abbey and Peter Hutt.

© Buffalo News

Excerpt from New York Times 8/19/12: Tom McCamus

Commands Both Martial and Marital
Published: August 19, 2012

The villainous Iachimo, who tricks Posthumus into believing Innogen has betrayed him, is portrayed by Tom McCamus with a rich oiliness; his silky, sinister voice itself has a hypnotic quality that’s well suited to the role of this wily would-be seducer.

© New York Times

Excerpt from Classical 96.3 8/23/12: Tom McCamus

The Stratford Adventure Part II: Cymbeline
by Marc Glassman | Aug 23, 2012

The ever-resourceful Tom McCamus brings subtlety to the one-dimensional villainy of Iachimo.

© Classical 96.3

Excerpt from The American Conservative 8/26/12: Tom McCamus

The Stratford 2012 Season
Posted on August 26, 2012, 1:33 PM Noah Millman

Cara Ricketts’s Innogen struck me as rather juvenile the first time around; second time around, she was a woman, and a powerful one. I found myself wondering whether I’d been paying attention the first time I saw it. She fully holds her own with both Graham Abbey and Tom McCamus, who I felt were the standouts originally.

© The American Conservative

Excerpt from Canadian Actor Online 8/28/12: Tom McCamus

Cymbeline to be extended to October 6
August 28, 2012

The Stratford Shakespeare Festival is extending the run of its critically acclaimed production of Cymbeline, directed by Antoni Cimolino, General Director and Artistic Director designate. Because of exceptional demand, the following performances have been added to the schedule:
· Wednesday, October 3, at 2 p.m.
· Friday, October 5, at 2 p.m.
· Saturday, October 6, at 8 p.m.
Cymbeline features Graham Abbey as Posthumus, Tom McCamus as Iachimo, Cara Ricketts as Innogen and Geraint Wyn Davies as King Cymbeline, with Nigel Bennett as Caius Lucius, Ian Lake as Arviragus, Yanna McIntosh as the Queen, Mike Shara as Cloten, E.B Smith as Guiderius, Brian Tree as Pisanio and John Vickery as Belarius.

© Canadian Actor

Excerpt from James Strecker Reviews the Arts 9/6/12: Tom McCamus, Nigel Bennett, Chick Reid

Posted on September 6, 2012 by strecker

Tom McCamus as the cynical Iachimo is a self-contained schemer with an icy and menacing undercurrent in all he does. With his self-satisfied slowness of mind, Mike Shara’s Cloten is disturbingly malignant, arrogant, malicious, and something of an idiot. To the dignified and humane Belarius, John Vickery brings ringing tones and finely shaded resonances that evoke the man’s worth. Brian Tree’s Pisanio seems a sea-weathered everyman of implicit nobility, while Nigel Bennett’s Caius Lucius is pragmatic and poised with dignity in his destiny. Even a much smaller roll like Chick Reid’s Dorothy, through simple presence, implies much character in the few lines given to her.

© James Strecker

Excerpt from International Shakespeare Editions 10/13/12: Tom McCamus

Cymbeline (Stratford Shakespeare Festival)
Review Author: Sarah Neville Review date: 13 October, 2012

A significant portion of Cymbeline‘s pleasures result from sophisticated, thoughtful casting: comic touches like a lurid, gleefully moronic Cloten (Mike Shara), a shrewd but nonetheless doddering Doctor Cornelius (Peter Hutt) and a liquid-smooth Iachimo (Tom McCamus) serve to balance the audience’s unease at Posthumus’ (Graham Abbey) wagering on his wife’s fidelity, or Cymbeline’s (Geraint Wyn Davies) imprisonment of his daughter once he discovers Innogen (Cara Ricketts) and Posthumus’ surreptitious marriage.

© International Shakespeare Editions
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