November 15th, 2016

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Non-MX Interviews: Lauren Lee Smith (1/13 Mind Reels)

The Mind Reels 1/29/13: Lauren Lee Smith | YouTube

Mind Reels - EPS12 -Lauren Lee
Published on Jan 29, 2013

The star of CTV's The Listener sits down to an informal chinwag with Tim and Sue, and hilarity ensues as we run the gambit of her career, talk about up-coming films and the new season, pink donuts, and how awesome her character Michelle McClusky is (pretty damned awesome).

Tim: We are very happy to have with us tonight Lauren Lee Smith.
Sue: Yay!
Lauren: Wow!
Tim: This is awesome, so thank you for coming out.
Lauren: Thanks for having me.
Tim: I mean we've never met, this is just not one of those.
Sue: Mm-mm.
Tim: We just tweeted to one another.
Lauren: That's right.
Tim: Didn't