December 30th, 2016

First Mutant

Mutant X FAQ: "How the heck did I get here?" Googlisms

Misdirected here via Google?

Are you lost, little websearcher? Take heart; you are not alone. This unofficial fansite is dedicated to the television show Mutant X, but I've recently been fielding messages from confused people led astray by fickle search engines. If you're among this group, you may have been looking for...

* The Mutant X official website (no longer available)
* The "Mutant X" X-Men comic book series by Howard Mackie
* The "Mutant X" song by the group Twiztid
* The "Mutant X" song by the band Mountain
* The Mutant X Midtower case by Kingwin
* The Mutant X Miata automobiles
* The Mutant X electric car prototype
* The Mutant X premium line of Mutant Shop's speakers
* The Mutant X surfboards
* The Marvel official website
* The X-Men comic books
* The New Mutants Marvel comic book series
* The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles official website
* The other First Mutant, Namor the Sub-Mariner
* The Amplicon Express research laboratories
* The Shalimar Gardens (of the Mughal Gardens) in Lahore, Pakistan
* The town of Shalimar, Florida
* The Shalimar eau de toilette by Guerlain
* The Shalimar the Clown novel by Salman Rushdie
* The European artist Jessie Brennan
* The actress Lexa Doig
* The cinematographer Adam Kane
* The Adam Zero comic book series
* The Shadow Fox comic books by Julie Staples
* The conductor/composer/musician Ken Harrison
* The actor Forbes March's official forum
* The March issue of Forbes Magazine
* The actor Victor Webster's official Twitter
* The Victor J Webster Tattoo website
* The actress Victoria Pratt's official site
* The British performer Victoria Pratt
* The Heroes TV character Victoria Pratt
* The actress Victoria Platt
* The actress Lauren Lee Smith's official Twitter
* The writer Laura Lee Smith
* The Lauren Smith Communications Design website
* The veteran otolaryngologist Dr. John Shea
* The storytelling theologian John (Jack) Shea
* The San Francisco Chronicle's sports writer John Shea
* The BBC commentator John Shea
* The actress Karen Cliche's official Twitter
* The actor Tom McCamus's official site
* The founder of NorthernTel Thomas McCamus
* The creative director Tom McManus
* The actor Michael Easton's official site
* The fine art natural photographer Michael Easton
* The Andrew blog

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