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I Scream the Body Electric

Mutant X Episode Synopses

I Scream the Body Electric: Episode #102.

Tag: Brennan and Emma join the Mutant X team in fighting off Eckhart's Genetic Security Agency forces. [Transcript]

Cast & Crew: Written by Howard Chaykin; Directed by Jon Cassar
Chuck Byrn....Ruby Bishop
Ingrid Hart....Allison Turner
Lorne Hunchuck....Vince
Douglas O'Keefe....Frank Thorne

Official Synopsis: Brennan (Victor Webster) finds himself trapped inside Genomex after risking his own safety to rescue Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) from the agents pursuing her. Emma escapes, but Brennan is left racing through the corridors and ends up trapped in a large lab. Thorne (Douglas O'Keeffe) and Eckhart (Tom McCamus) appear, capture Brennan and inject a subdermal governor into the back of his neck. This device will connect them to Brennan's DNA, allowing them to control his thoughts and movements as they try to exploit his special abilities. Eckhart informs Brennan that he will now work as an operative of the Genetic Security Agency and assist them in capturing Emma. At Sanctuary, Adam (John Shea), Emma, Jesse (Forbes March) and Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) learn that Thorne and Eckhart are holding Brennan captive. Later, Shalimar and a dozen other new mutants try to get all the new files up and running. They put finishing touches on the new safe house that Adam has ordered, making sure that new mutants will have the ability to disappear on a moment's notice. Meanwhile, following an order from Eckhart, Thorne captures Ruby (Chuck Bryn), whose bookstore doubles as a safe house for new mutants, and brings him to Genomex. Terrified, Ruby reveals that he is an "ESPer" with the ability to read minds, including Eckhart's. Ruby becomes so frightened by Eckhart's thoughts that he ends up disclosing information about the new safe house to protect his own safety. Brennan is disgusted by Ruby's betrayal. Back at the new safe house, Jesse realizes that everyone but Ruby is accounted for. Suddenly, there is an explosion and Thorne steps in with Brennan by his side. When Brennan is ordered to take Jesse down, he hesitates before creating an arc of electricity that shoots straight through Jesse, who has altered his body density to be permeable, and knocks out the two agents standing behind him. In all the chaos, Jesse is able to drop through the floor and escape. Returning to Sanctuary, Jesse informs the rest of the group about the attack, and Emma vows she will use her abilities to find Ruby, who is under Eckhart's control. On the VTOL aircraft, Adam takes Emma through an analysis of her DNA. She attempts to connect telepathically with Allison (Ingrid Hart), Vince (Lorne Hunchuck) and other new mutants, but fails, unable to see them being held captive at the GSA holding pen. On her second attempt, however, Emma is able to find Brennan, who is with Thorne at the Genomex lab. Back at the GSA holding pen, Eckhart tells the captives that Ruby was the one who sold them out. The new mutants are devastated by the news. Meanwhile, Thorne and Brennan search the streets for Emma. When Thorne captures her, he takes her to the holding pen to meet Eckhart, who is very pleased that she and Brennan have both been apprehended. Accompanying Eckhart are three security agents, the third being Jesse, disguised in a GSA uniform. Shalimar suddenly explodes into action, knocking all of the agents unconscious, while Adam deactivates the subdermal governors. Jesse informs the other new mutants that their subdermal governors have also been disengaged. They begin attacking and fighting off Eckhart's men as well. When Adam finds himself face to face with Eckhart, he informs him that he has uploaded a virus into the Genomex computer system that will disintegrate all files, one by one. Eckhart trembles with rage and takes off running. The new mutants return to Sanctuary, where Brennan and Emma receive their Mutant X Comlink Rings, officially making them part of the Mutant X team.

Adam: This is becoming tiresome, Emma. Why did we have to rescue you again?
Emma: I’ve apologized a dozen times already, Adam. What do I have to say to convince you I’m sorry?
Adam: I’m sure that you’re sincere in your regrets, but your actions continue to put us in jeopardy.
Emma: I'm just confused and afraid.
Adam: We're all afraid.
Emma: But you don't have to walk around constantly assaulted by other people's feelings and terrors.
Adam: You're right. Maybe it's time you looked at your world from a different perspective. You take what you see as a problem and turn it into a solution.

Shalimar: With a little work, being a new mutant can be fabulous.
Jesse: Or you could end up like Thorne.
Emma: I'll take fabulous any time.

Mason: You always find the positive in the negative, Mr. Thorne.

Frank Thorne: Um. This is gonna hurt.

Frank Thorne: Mr. Eckhart does not have time for sarcasm.

Emma: I don't think Adam likes me.
Shalimar: It's not in Adam's nature to dislike anyone. He's a remarkable man. He saved me from a lot of same demons that have a hold on you. Trust me. When I first got here I was just as confused as you were. Maybe even more so.
Emma: I just wanted a normal life.
Shalimar: Then all of a sudden these guys come after you for no good reason.
Emma: Well...other than the fact that I can work people over emotionally with my mind.
Shalimar: Oh yes, there is that one thing. We've all had our gifts since birth. And just as we learned to walk and talk, we've had to develop skills with our new mutant abilities too.

Shalimar: I just want you to follow my lead, and don’t worry if you don’t get it right away. It’s progress we’re after. Not perfection.

Emma: I'll admit I did manipulate customers occasionally...often....okay, every chance I got.

Adam: If I didn't believe in second chances, you wouldn't be here.
Shalimar: Was I really that difficult?
Adam: Well, when I found you, you were living in a fleabag motel, and hadn't eaten in five days.
Shalimar: I was convinced I was some kinda freak for what was going on with my body and mind.
Adam: Well, I'd say you pulled yourself together pretty well, considering the circumstances.
Shalimar: I owe it all to you.
Adam: The good and the bad.
Shalimar: You don't need to go there with me, Adam.

Mason: My name is Mason Eckhart. Ah, you’ve heard of me. I gather you’re a telepath. Please, Mr. Bishop, we have no secrets here.
Ruby Bishop: I’m an ESPer.
Mason: Fine. Now tell me what you see when you read my mind. Unless you’d like me to have Mr. Thorne convince you. Now that you know that everything you’ve heard about me is true, I want you to help me bring the rest of your friends to justice.

Frank Thorne: Gosh. You're such a hot-shot telepath, you should've seen that coming. This concludes the pain portion of our program, assuming you do as you're told. [waits] Get the hell outta the chair!

Brennan: So how does it feel to betray your own kind, huh? Freaks like us?
Frank Thorne: I think you should speak for yourself. I'm no freak. See, I've just got a talent and I'm using it the best way I know how.
Brennan: Yeah, like you have a choice.
Frank: Well, yeah. 'Cause you see, I volunteered.
Brennan: You must be so proud.

Emma: Took you long enough to track me here.
Brennan: Hey, you could have let me in on the gag.
Emma: Well, I had to figure the walls had ears.
Jesse: Thanks for the heads-up at the safehouse.
Brennan: What are you talking about? You’re just lucky I missed.

Mason: Lovely to finally meet you face to face, Miss deLauro.
Emma: You're Eckhart?
Mason: Mister Eckhart. You'll learn soon enough how to best deal with authority. You'll be given an opportunity to put your abilities to use rescuing others like yourself.
Emma: You call dragging us here protection?
Mason: I call it protective custody. Who it's intended to protect is open to interpretation. As for you, Mr. Mulwray, I must say I'm terribly disappointed in Mr. Thorne's report of your behavior.
Brennan: I've been hearing that since the third grade.

Shalimar: I'll handle them. This is woman's work. Excuse me, can you tell me where you've got the new mutants locked up?

Shalimar: Well, I guess it's true.
Brennan: What's that?
Shalimar: The bigger they are, the faster they run.
Brennan: That's because he knows I can light him up like a Christmas tree.

Mason: You never did know when to stop, did you?
Adam: We're both guilty of relentless tenacity, Mason.
Mason: True. But while you chase your horrific dreams of rescuing these lab mistakes, my passion is in the service of humanity.
Adam: A grim and limited vision of humanity, defined by your narrow mind and your pathetic perspective.
Mason: You and your freaks are threats to everything I hold dear.
Adam: These so-called freaks are the product of Genomex's recklessness.
Mason: Am I supposed to be racked by guilt?
Adam: No. I'd never expect guilt from you, Mason. It's too much to ask of a sociopath.
Mason: Now, that's what I've always admired about you, Adam. Your utterly perverse sense of reality.

Brennan: Nice place. This must be fun to clean.
Jesse: I get the feeling he’s always like this, huh?
Emma: Always.

Adam: Emma. When I started this journey, I always knew I needed someone like you. Someone with the gift of inner vision and the strength of character to bear the weight of such a gift. Now, in time you'll come to see yourself as I see you, but for now, you'll just have to take my word for it. You're an answered prayer. And Brennan, I never wanted to work with someone like you. Someone who'd squander his incredible gift on petty crime and an outlaw's live for the moment mentality. Until I realized that I'd chosen the path of the outlaw for myself. And who better than a fellow outlaw to show me the way? You've both seen what we're up against and that the odds are against us. But Emma, I hope this is the chance for you to fulfill the potential you know is inside you but have never been quite able to reach. And Brennan, for you, it's an opportunity to put the past behind you and join with us in helping to create a new future.

Jesse: No hug?

Brennan: I’m in. But as long as there’s no hazing or weird secret handshakes.
Shalimar: No hazing. No handshakes.
Jesse: But you will be expected to do some basic housekeeping.

Adam: Welcome to Mutant X. God help anyone who stands in our way.

Trivia & Nitpicks: This episode' title, "I Scream the Body Electric," is derived from the title of a poem by Walt Whitman, I Sing the Body Electric, from his Leaves of Grass collection. Walt Whitman's poetry will play a larger role for Brennan in "Lit Fuse."

The subdermal governors are introduced.

Before Shalimar joined Mutant X, Adam found her holed up in a fleabag hotel having not eaten for five days.

Brennan runs out of juice after a certain period of time, and needs an hour before swimming he can reform a tesla coil.

Emma first used her abilities at five to find her parents at a rock festival. Her parents left when she was ten; she was raised in a foster home. [Note: In the Mutant Xverse, ten is a bad age for mutants. Emma’s parents ditched her when she was ten, Shalimar’s father placed her in an institution when she was ten, Brennan was boosting cars when he was ten, Gabriel Ashlocke murdered his parents at the age of ten, and Josh Valentine is ten when his father tries to place him in Genomex.]

Brennan's school difficulties began in the 3rd grade.

In Emma’s mind, subdermal governors are represented by chains.

After Brennan’s capture, Adam sets up “a second safehouse.” Apparently, Ruby’s bookstore was the only one before this episode.

Most ironic line of the episode has to be Shalimar's "It's not in Adam's nature to dislike anyone." Sure. Shal seems to have forgotten the little tiff Adam's had with Mason for, oh, the past 20 years or so.

The GS agents in this episode are quite considerate of one another. Even as Brennan is escaping, they stop to pick up their fallen comrades before continuing to chase Brennan through the hallways.

Adam is slightly creepy in this episode. Placing and then poking at the leads on Shalimar’s mostly naked chest, peering at Shalimar and Emma’s session in the dojo from behind the stairs, telling Emma that she’s *heavy breathing* “the answer to a prayer”...Borderline creepy.

The subdermal governor’s controller sounds an awful lot like a car door opener.

For Brennan, the pain of a subdermal governor hits him in the stomach. For the psionic Thorne, it's a headache. This seems to imply that Brennan’s electrical abilities originate in his gut.

Adam uses a virus to destroy Genomex's copy of the New Mutant Database, but wouldn't a company as large as Genomex have offsite back ups? Lexa will copy this page from Adam’s playbook in “The Assault,” using a virus to infect The Dominion’s computers and deactivate her subdermal governor. Only she doesn’t even need a disk to do it.

Randomness: At the end of the episode, Emma hugs Shalimar for giving her a Mutant X ring. Jesse presents Brennan with his ring and then says: "What, no hug?" Sorry, dude, not even when you almost get gassed to death in "No Exit."

Okay, Thorne is a telekinetic. Why doesn’t he just pick Brennan up and hurl him over the railing instead of fleeing like a frightened child at the end of the episode?

And finally: Since Brennan had no idea at the time that Jesse could phase and mass--he was busy with GS agents of his own during the final fight of the last episode--did Brennan really throw Jesse a warning look at the safehouse and then lie about it for some strange reason (I don't get the male psyche, nope, nope) or did he really miss and Jesse was, for some reason, seeing what he wanted to see?

Ep Tally. Topless Brennan: 0 (It’s Shalimar this time) Adam Kisses: 0 Freak mentions: 6 Food intake: 0

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