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Details: A fandom term. With the current fad of abbreviating romantic relationships between characters by combining their names, several new terms for 'ships in the Mutant X fandom have emerged. Among them is the term Jexa, which is shorthand for "the romantic potential between Jesse Kilmartin and Lexa Pierce."

She’s sarcastic, she’s secretive, and she’s definitely not a team player. But rather than take Lexa Pierce at face value, Jesse digs his heels in, determined to get her to open up to him...whether she likes it or not. As a result, Jesse is responsible for a significant portion of the blossoming emotional evolution that takes place in Lexa's character over the course of the third season. Though it is readily apparent that Jesse has feelings for Lexa by the fifth episode, in which he risks his life for hers, it isn't entirely clear why (aside from the obvious physical attraction). He trusts her long before he has reason to, asks her out just before she blows him off for another man, and repeatedly attempts to get close to her despite her dismissive attitude. As a result of Jesse's persistence, Lexa does begin to relax around him by the end of the third season, as evidenced by two kisses and a reluctant admission of "caring about" him in the last episode. She does, however, continue to stave off his most sentimental expressions to the very end.

Links: The Best of Jesse and Lexa Fan Fiction. Molecular Bonding: Jesse/Lexa Fanfiction. Soft Light: Jesse/Lexa. Lexa and Jesse. Vefblog.

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