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Kearney, Dr. Mark

Mark Kearney -- Played by David Sutcliffe

Dr. Mark Kearney.

First Appearance: "Body and Soul."

Quote: Shalimar: "Don't worry; it's all over now."
Mark: "Is it?"

Details: The brilliant Genomex student Mark Kearney worked under Adam Kane for six months before he was reassigned to Dr. Dennis Malone’s Walker Project. Guilt-ridden about his participation in the death of the astral projecting teen Cyrus Payton, Mark dedicated himself to his patients at the free clinic and forgetting Genomex....until Cyrus tracked him down to make him pay for his past sins. Shalimar protected him from Cyrus’s attack, but despite their growing attraction for one another, Mark resisted divulging the details of The Walker Project until another colleague’s life was at stake. Mutant X destroyed Cyrus for good using the information Mark provided. Knowing that her feral nature would only remind Mark of his Genomex days, Shalimar respected his wishes that she stay away.

From Adam's diary on Mutant X Lives: MARK KEARNEY - Back at Genomex I sensed in him the same youthful hope that I once possessed. It was the wonder of science that brought him there, not the might he could wield with it. When he went with Malone’s group instead of mine it was out of vulnerability, not malice. Now he is paying the price for his choice. He’s still young enough to move beyond his past. It’s just a question of strength.

David Sutcliffe

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