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11 January 2016 @ 12:04 am
Keary, Alisha  

Alisha Keary -- Played by Krista Bridges

Alisha Keary.

First Appearance: "Wasteland."

Quote: "Why does it seem like all the good men are either gay, or married, or a mutant?"

Details: The offspring of wealthy families, Alisha Keary and Jesse Kilmartin summered together for years before becoming high school sweethearts. They were engaged to be married when Jesse’s new mutant abilities emerged. Unable to hide these changes, Jesse disappeared, fearing that Alisha wouldn’t be able to understand. Circumstances forced Jesse to reunite with Alisha years later, when The Dominion sent Lexa Pierce and Jesse to investigate a locust attack on crop fields owned by her company, the bioagricultural conglomerate ZDT. Lexa uncovered Project Redstock, a profitable plot to develop insecticide-resistant locusts which would devour everything but specific ZDT crops. Once Jesse informed Alisha, Mutant X was able to destroy the locusts and save Alisha from the deadly retribution of Project Redstock's creator, ZDT's R&D head, Nate Gilmore. Alisha and Jesse sadly agreed that they were headed down divergent paths.free hit counter