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Kilmartin, Noah

Noah Kilmartin -- Played by Art Hindle

Noah Kilmartin.

First Appearance: "Blood Ties."

Quote: Noah: "Look, I know the kind of father you want. And I'm sorry, but I'm not that guy."
Jesse: "Yeah. I'm sorry too."

Details: Jesse Kilmartin's wealthy father Noah Kilmartin was a decorated hero like his own father William. Though his job as a covert government operative involved a great deal of travel, Noah participated in annual father-son martial arts tournaments with Jesse until he and his wife divorced. Noah was working as the security chief at Nexxogen during the Martez Incident, where new mutants died in an experiment performed at Genomex’s behest. Intending to blackmail Mason Eckhart and Nexxogen’s head, Nicole Carter, Noah downloaded proof of Genomex’s involvement onto a disk, and then went looking for Jesse. Once reunited with his son, Noah surreptitiously slipped the disk into his pocket and then instructed Jesse to leave it for him in a safehouse. Jesse, who had steadfastly refused to believe his father capable of blackmail, was dejected to discover GS agents waiting with Noah at the safehouse. With some help from Brennan Mulwray, Jesse dispatched the GS agents and destroyed the disk before turning his back on his father for good.

Adam's thoughts from Mutant X Lives: I must be a better father figure than I think. At least I am when compared to Kilmartin. Here is a man who was born with every advantage (wealth, privilege, health and appearance) and still he chooses to cheat, lie and use his most precious asset, his son, to further his larcenous personal agenda. That Jesse became the heroic, kind-hearted young man he is seems remarkable to me now. It was certainly not a whim of DNA. Whatever becomes of Kilmartin I hope he finally gives his son a gift and does not share it with him.

Security Alert from the former website: SECURITY UPDATE: Martez Cloning Incident Noah Kilmartin Nexxogen GENOMEX SECURITY FILE #EOG997KN SUBJECT: Noah Kilmartin, Nexxogen & Martez Incident
CODE RED status has been removed from the Nexxogen/Martez mutant cloning case as all evidence connecting it to Genomex is now destroyed. Mr. Eckhart does not extend congratulations to the GSA, however, as it was a maneuver of the outlaw team Mutant X that disposed of the linking data. Unit Chiefs are advised to up their departments' productivity this coming period to counter the incident without further reprimand. A CODE ORANGE alert remains on rogue soldier of fortune Noah Kilmartin II, age 49. Although no longer in possession of the incriminating Nexxogen file disk, he retains damaging knowledge of our agency and various personnel which are considered a viable threat to security. Kilmartin's capture would also valuable due to the identity of his son, Jesse Kilmartin, a Molecular New Mutant and member of Mutant X (see security file #MX999MKJ). Mr. Eckhart feels a certain amount of leverage could be used to either excise information on Adam's crew from the father or incite defection of the son to the GSA fold. In either scenario, Noah Kilmartin is to be brought in alive. His physical state must allow him to be able to speak. Agents are advised to use their own discretion in this matter. WARNING: Although Kilmartin is NOT a New Mutant; he is a highly trained, covert guerilla operative and should be considered EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. An updated security file will be available on him at the end of day (tentatively, #EOG997KN). ADDITIONAL NOTE: All existing data on Nexxogen and the Martez cloning explosion are to be expunged from the Genomex network systems. Hard copies and photographs are to be handed over to department heads immediately. Any mention of the incident after this time will be considered a punishable act of insubordination. Refer to section H. Nondisclosure and Consequence in your employment contracts for further details.

Trivia: According to the early Mutant X casting breakdowns, Jesse's father was going to be a corrupt senator antagonistic to Mutant X, rather like Senator Kelly in X-Men. His father's identity was modified after the Fox Studios vs. Marvel lawsuit which accused Mutant X's creators of copying elements from the X-Men film.

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