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Kilmartin, William

Young William Kilmartin -- Played by Sean Clement | Major William Kilmartin -- Played by Desmond Scott

Major William "Blue Eyes" Kilmartin.

First Appearance: "Age of Innocence."

Quote: William: "The thing about heroes is that in real life, they're full of nothing but flaws."

Details: Jesse Kilmartin’s grandfather, Major William Kilmartin, was a decorated navy fighter pilot in the Tomcats unit. In 1943, Colonel Henry Burns began Operation Immortalis, experimenting on Tomcats members to create an anti-aging serum. When Henry and Dr. Francis Gallant restarted the research 60 years later by injecting a dying William with the Sirtuan serum, Adam Kane warned Jesse to extract his now youthful grandfather from Henry’s reach. William aided Mutant X in uncovering the truth about Operation Immortalis, then prevented Henry from continuing his studies by shooting him just as he was beginning to de-age. Despite his desire for an ongoing relationship with his grandson and a cure for his lymphatic cancer, William refused to take any more of the serum, thus reverting to his previous age.

Desmond Scott Sean Clement

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