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Kilohertz: Episode #105.

Tag: When a mysterious new mutant uses his extraordinary powers to wreak havoc throughout the city, Adam leads the Mutant X team on a crusade to stop him. [Transcript]

Cast & Crew: Written by David L. Newman; Directed by Andrew Potter
John Friesen....Harve Guffman
Adam MacDonald....Nick Renfield
Simon Northwood....GSA Agent
Sandi Stahlbrand....Colleen
Jim Thorburn....Barry "Kilohertz" Sterling

Official Synopsis: Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) and Jesse (Forbes March) are startled when a loud shriek of static suddenly reverberates through the VTOL aircraft. The same static begins echoing through Sanctuary, Genomex headquarters and Mason Eckhart's (Tom McCamus) office. Suddenly, the blurred image of a young man appears on monitors everywhere. Speaking in a distorted digital voice, he introduces himself as Kilohertz and proclaims that he is sick of the way new mutants are being treated, stating that they're not going to take it anymore. He then quickly disappears. Shalimar and Jesse soon realize that the system on the aircraft has crashed, leaving them with no power. Brennan (Victor Webster) enters Sanctuary and hits the main computer with a bolt of electricity, rebooting the system just in time. Composing himself after the close call, Adam (John Shea) insists that they find the mysterious new mutant before GSA does, for everyone's sake. Later at Sanctuary, Adam and the Mutant X team discuss specifics about the devastating mishaps that have occurred since Kilohertz's threat. Meanwhile at Genomex, Eckhart assigns new recruit Nick Renfield (Adam MacDonald) to hunt down and capture Kilohertz. Confident that Nick is best suited for the mission because of his special mutant powers, Eckhart sends him to WXDV-TV to begin his investigation. After collecting every image they have from Kilohertz's television appearance, Brennan and the gang upload them and begin looking for clues to his identity. At the same time, Nick meets with Harve Goffman (John Friesen) at the TV station to find out any information he can about Kilohertz's broadcast. When Harve doesn't cooperate, Nick lays his hand on Harve's head, creating a glowing static field, causing Harve to become frozen in suspended animation. Nick takes the opportunity to download files from Harve's computer. Harve awakens and is surprised to find production assistant Barry Sterling (Jim Thorburn) in his office instead of Nick. Barry grows nervous when Harve reveals that Nick is conducting an investigation on Kilohertz. Meanwhile, Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) takes a crack at identifying Kilohertz using computerized image analysis, and discovers that he is new mutant Barry Sterling. After hearing the news, Adam orders Brennan and Emma to find Barry. He warns the group that he might be the most dangerous new mutant they've ever encountered. Brennan and Emma quickly locate him, but he eludes them, vanishing into thin air and leaving only a trace of crackling static. On the basis of a news report, Jesse deduces that Barry is most likely going to use his powers to sabotage the stock market. Determined to stop him, Shalimar and Brennan head for Barry's apartment, but Nick and two agents have beaten them there. When Barry steps outside and sees Nick and the agents, he dematerializes into particle waves and escapes. At Sanctuary, Adam, Emma and Jesse are watching a stock market report when the broadcast is suddenly interrupted once again by a hostile Kilohertz. Barry re-materializes in front of his apartment and is immediately surrounded by Nick and the two agents. Witnessing this, Shalimar and Brennan burst on the scene, snatch him away and bring him to Sanctuary. There, Adam tries to understand how Barry's powers work while attempting to make him realize the chaos he has caused. But when Barry, ignorant and naive, turns defensive and tries to leave, Shalimar knocks him unconscious, allowing Adam to shoot him with a tranquilizer gun. An analysis of Barry's DNA reveals that he has no self-control whatsoever. As the team discusses what to do with him, he suddenly regains consciousness and escapes into the computer system, taunting Adam and the team by telling them he's joining the GSA. At Genomex, Eckhart is scolding Nick when Barry suddenly materializes before their eyes. Seeing the cold, evil look on Nick's face, Barry realizes he's made an enormous mistake. Before he has time to flee, Nick surrounds him with a statis field, freezing him. Back at Sanctuary, Adam is not fooled when he hears a news report that Kilohertz was shot by police. Disappointed, he laments that Barry could have been a powerful Mutant X ally, but now he and his team must pray that Barry doesn't return to haunt them.

Jesse: I have no time for romance. Far too busy making the world a safer place to live.

Barry: Freaks of the world! My name is Kilohertz and I’m here to speak to you, for you, and about you. I’ve had it up to here with the way we’re treated. So consider this fair warning. We have the power, and we’re not gonna take it anymore.

Emma: Pretty scary looking if you ask me.
Jesse: He's just a new mutant trying to get a handle on his abilities. And he's scared.
Emma: You can be that sympathetic after he almost killed you and Shalimar?
Jesse: It was an accident.
Brennan: That doesn't mean he wouldn't kick his ass if you gave him half a chance.
Jesse: Yeah, sympathy's one thing, but this guy's definitely looking for some serious whup-ass.

Emma: You know, in a weird sort of way, what you’re doing with the computer is like what I do with my telepathy.
Jesse: How so?
Emma: Well, you’ve got a bunch of images and you’ve gotta figure out how they fit together and what they mean.
Jesse: You want to take a whack at it?
Emma: I never got a handle on all that cyber stuff. Computers kinda give me the creeps.
Jesse: C'mon, I can't believe you never did any playing around with computers.
Brennan: Not everyone was born with a silver spoon in their mouth, Jess.
Emma: No, it’s not that. My parents were real organic types. Microbiotic food, solar power, the whole deal. I grew up kind of uncomfortable around anything mechnical.
Brennan: Well, you seem to do all right in the lab with Adam.
Emma: Well, that’s different. You know, I guess it’s got to do with the whole organic thing, dealing with the human condition.

Nick Renfield: I've come to report my data retrieval from WXDV.
Mason: Well, go ahead.
Nick: I'm not sure I understand, sir.
Mason: Report.
Nick: I just did, sir. That was it.
Mason: Mr. Renfield. I understand they teach a very specific "keep your superiors in the loop" kind of procedure at the academy. But in the real world, I don't want to hear from you until the job has been done, regardless of your pathetic people-pleasing.

Barry Sterling: You throw energy. I am energy.
Brennan: Yeah. Your parents must be proud.

Barry: Now where do I sign up for Mutant X’s minister of propaganda? What? I don’t mean to get all pushy, but you need someone like me to shake things up a little.
Adam: Barry, you have any idea how many people have suffered because of you?
Barry: I’m just doing what you’re doing.
Adam: Oh yeah? What’s that?
Barry: Keeping the faith. Reminding the freaks out there they’ve got the power if they’re willing to step up to the plate and use it!
Adam: All right, fine. You wanna make the world better for new mutants, then you just stop what you’re doing. Because every act of vandalism, it just causes more prejudice against new mutants. Prejudice against anybody who’s different.
Barry: Is this some kind of joke?
Adam: No, no. I’m deadly serious. I want you to stop.
Barry: No. Either you’re jealous, or you’re a sell-out like the rest of them.
Shalimar: Listen, you little–
Barry: No! Nobody shuts me up! You don’t want me on your side, fine. But you do not want me as an enemy either.

Mason: I gather your hesitation allowed Kilohertz to elude our grasp.
Renfield: That is a complete misread of the situation, Mr. Eckhart.
Mason: Frankly, I’m concerned about the empathy you seem to have developed for this renegade.
Renfield: I believe that he is a dangerous anomaly that needs to be neutralized.
Mason: Nice recitation of the manual, Mr. Renfield, but hardly convincing. I’m afraid that I might have been a bit premature in rushing you into the field. I think perhaps you might need just a little more training before you go back on assignment.

Brennan: Yeah, I know exactly how you feel. I’ve been through this already.

Barry: It’s all those pitifully average ones keeping us in our place while we keep hiding in plain sight, waiting for someone to notice us. Well, I’m here to give notice that we’re not hiding anymore. I’m calling out to all of you. The odd, the weird, the misplaced, the displaced, our time is now. We freaks can do anything, but it’s the normal ones who control this world. But we have the power to take over. So when the hell are we going to shove them aside and take what’s rightfully ours? ‘Cause we’re not going away.

Adam: His DNA cellular structure is completely unstable. It’s caught in a flux between matter and energy.
Emma: Talk about unstable and flux, you ought to see him through my eyes. This guy’s an emotional time bomb with no self-control whatsoever. So what are we gonna do with him?
Adam: I have no idea. What scares me is when he realizes the full extent of his powers and he decides to wield those powers with lethal intent.

Jesse: What else can we do? We're not cops.
Brennan: Yeah, thank God for that. I'd be in serious trouble.

Barry: Well, if it isn't everyone's favorite sod.

Brennan: You know what your problem is, pal? You’ve got way too much spare time on your hands.
Barry: The only problem I got is the mistake I made about you, thinking you were heroes as opposed to a bunch of posers and losers.

Barry: Noone to hit, huh, honey? Noone to zap, huh, pal? Noone to push around? And as for you, you can go ghost or granite, don’t mean a thing to me. Now the GSA, the minute I show up, they’ll treat me like a conquering hero.
Adam: You really think they’ll let you continue this rampage?
Barry: Well, I’d sooner go where my talents are appreciated.
Adam: No, no, no. They’re gonna turn you into a weapon. They’ll crush you like a bug.
Barry: Guy I talked to said they’d love to have me on their team. Especially after I’ve taken you down. And you know what, you might have a point. Instead of joining GSA, I’ll just take t hem over. Nothing like starting from the top, eh?

Barry: Haven't you heard? Resistance is futile!

Nick: I can’t imagine what got into me, Mr. Eckhart.
Mason: The answer to that is found in your genetic misfortune. The very gift that makes you so special leaves you vulnerable to hucksters and charlatans who want nothing more than your utter corruption.

Barry: Whoa, I thought you guys would be glad to see me.
Nick: Glad to see you, Barry? We’re thrilled.

Adam: Well, we lost one today, ladies and gentlemen.
Jesse: Not necessarily. We kicked his butt. Albeit in the nick of time.
Emma: You saved the day, Adam.
Adam: No, I was thinking about Barry. He had some good ideas. We lost somebody who could have been a valuable ally, except he got carried away by his own sense of power. I just hope his loss doesn’t come back to haunt us.

Trivia & Nitpicks: Other than Proxy Blue, the only other television station of the Mutant Xverse seems to be WXDV, Channel 13.

Emma says that her parents were (hippies?) into organics, macrobiotic foods, and solar power. This makes her a bit of a technophobe. Odd, given her best friend in high school as shown in “Interface.”

Not having learned his lesson after the Karen Bell fiasco in the previous episode, Mason decides to assign the important task of capturing Kilohertz to a kid who not only still has a semester to complete at the academy, but also had a rocky beginning at Genomex.

Jesse says, "I have no time for romance, I'm too busy making the world a safer place to live." This attitude lasts for about, oh, three episodes.

If you look closely as Jesse and Emma are searching the database for Kilohertz, Allison Turner’s mug shot photo (that Shalimar took in “I Scream the Body Electric”) comes up briefly.

As a truck backs up hiding the fleeing Barry from Brennan and Emma, its warning beeps are exactly in time to the music’s beat. Now that's driving in style.

Emma, Brennan, and Adam all find it so weird that the FCC should be looking for Barry that they automatically deduce that it’s the GSA under false credentials. But since the FCC regulates all radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable transmissions in the U.S., why wouldn’t they be after Barry?

While discussing options for holding Barry, Shalimar says they can’t keep him sedated forever. After 25 years of being podded, Gabriel Ashlocke might be surprised to hear that.

During Kilohertz’s initial raid, the Helix loses power and Sanctuary’s computer is offline, but the comlinks still work, seeming to suggest that the comlink system is independent of Sanctuary’s computer. Yet when Barry’s invaded Sanctuary’s computer, Adam tells Brennan to hit the comlink system to drive Barry out.

Also, at the end of the episode, Renfield says, "I have renewed my vows of commitment to constant vigilance." Does Harry Potter's Mad Eye Moody teach at the GSA academy now?

Ep Tally. Topless Brennan: 0 Adam Kisses: 0 Freak mentions: 9 Food intake: Soushi dinner (the team)

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